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RS Quantum Grille for the Audi Q3 Typ 8U 2013>2015

Upgraded grille project for audi q3
Audi Q3 rolling with RS Quantum Grille Upgrade

The RS styling featured on this page is designed to put an edge on the domesticated look Audi designers tend to drop on oem designs like the Audi Q3 2013 -2015. The Quantum grille for the Audi Q3 features badging, license plate platform and hardware (for jurisdictions where a front plate is required by law) and RS honeycomb venting. Fit your Q3 up with the look that suits you best; go shaved or showcase - it's your choice. Call LLTeK today and speak with a sales representative who can answer all your questions.

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Quantum Sport RS Grille for the pre-facelift Audi Q3 (8U) 2013 > 2015
aftermarket grille for prefacelift audi q3
Enlarged Pop-Up Image of Quantum RS Grille Q3 8U

Quantum Piano Gloss Black RS
  • Fitment for Audi Q3 8U 2013 - 2015
  • Replacement / upgrade grille
  • License Plate Platform & Hardware Included
  • RSQ3 Badging Included
  • Ring Holder built in & Rings Included
  • Part# CGA Q3 8U PFL GBK
  • Price - $699

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image - LLTeK branding badgeimage - RS badgeimage RS badge with backplate
Ask about your options in badges!

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