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Bodykit Styling for the Volkswagen Golf V GTI by Hofele

Track Styling and Body Kit Tuning for the Vokswagen Golf V GTI by Hofele
Click Here and Download  Hofele Golf V GTI Body Kit Styling (Wallpaper)
HOFELE GOLF 5 GTI Parts and Pricing
Image and Part# Description Material Price
hfvg51k-20 gti front bumper
GTI (1K) Front GT Bumper 05.5> plasticised fiberglass $1155
HFA38P-02 GT Front Bumper Fog Light Kit 05.5>   $277
HFVG51K-21 GTI Headlamp Washer Covers 05.5>
(for cars currently without headlamp washer option)
Side Blades 05.5> Fiberglass $388
hfvg51k-05 rear spoiler
Roof Spoiler (1pc) 05.5> ABS $311
hfVg51k-04 rear valence
Rear Valance For QUAD Exhaust 05.5>
Rear Valance for European Version Only. Requires Euro Rear Bumper to install in North America
RIM $466
MISC Euro Spec Rear Bumper   $599
hfvg51k-23 gti quad tip sport muffler
Sport Muffler Quad Tip for HFVG5-04 05.5>
Round Tips
1 set of 84mm and 94mm tips per side
Stainless Steel $1355

golf v gti bodykit by hofele
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The Following Parts are necessary to complete project if your Golf V is not a GTI
Part# Description Price
HFVG51K-21 GTI GTI Front Grill 05.5> $433
HFVG51K-21 GTI Logo GTI Front Grill Logo Badge 05.5> $55
HFVG51K-11 GTI Mesh Insert 05.5> $111
HFVG51K-24 GTI GTI Headlamp Washer Covers 05.5> $66

Golf V GTI by Caractere or  Golf V GTI by Rieger
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