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October 22, 2012 - Audi S5 Cabbie Wrapped in Wild Rose Country

This Audi S5 cabriolet sports modifications from two German tuning firms plus an OEM RS5 grille. Like the satin wrap?

It's Rieger skirts and Hofele bumpers and Audi RS styling (not to mention the custom finish) that puts this machine into the "i gotta get a closer look" class. LLTeK customer A.K. from Calgary, Alberta sent these images back from the oilpatch this summer. It looks like there's tint on the tailights and windows also. Impressive is an understatement after you've seen the other pix below.

Click and view a pop-up enlargement. Hats off and our thanks for the follow-up A.K!

The rear bumper has a contrast scheme and keeps the car on track with the black / alu theme. This car's body and tuning parts were wrapped as opposed to being painted. The "Baron" (LLTeK's resident German car and paint expert) says that paint ( if that's the way you want to go) has different names - depending on whether you're in Europe or North America. He says that when you talk about paint and ordering it in North America, using the term "flat black" is a bad idea. Apparently "flat black paint" is non-oxide and will pick up fingerprints and it powders and rubs off and absorbs bird droppings and the list goes on. "Satin Black" finish is the correct name for the type of paint. "Rallye" is used in Europe.

To avoid all the tech paint details you might just want to go with a plastic wrap. LLTeK doesn't offer wrap or Satin Black paint options - we recommend that parts and car should be finished in one place at one time with one material if you're going for the matte look finish. Call toll-free and speak with an LLTeK rep about your Audi tuning project; we share information about German cars free.

Click and View Bodykit Styling for the pre-facelift A5 Here

Click and View Bodykit Styling for the pre-facelift S5 Here

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