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July 8, 2003 - Unique Kevlar Bodykit Styling for the Porsche Boxster®

LLTeK announced the completion and availability of a Special Order Kevlar Accent Kit for the Porsche 986 Boxster Program. The Special Edition version of Caractere's popular aero upgrade will be of interest to Boxster owners (years 1997 thru 2002). The totally distinctive Kevlar weave accents - present as dynamic air louvres, splitter and top louvres in the front bumper and as a large exhaust cap in the rear valance - produce a visual impact that will spark interest always. It is absolutely unique in North America.

This high-styling upgrade kit of four (4) pieces from LLTeK will be offered as a "special factory order" only. Individuals interested in this 4-piece kit will be pleased to know that the kit is part of LLTeK's MatchPaint program and that despite the possibility of some delay in acquisition, when ordered with the "prepainted" option, the kit will arrive fully documented and ready to install. Although the Kevlar version is exclusively obtained through "special order", the difference in price is nominal. The kit is available for the Porsche Boxster and Boxster S. For more information contact LLTeK on the Toll-Free at 1 888 465 5835.

 Caractere Aero Kit for Boxster 1997 - 2002  Exhaust Valence in kevlar  Boxster Rear Valance 97>02 Kevlar
Trim  Caractere Aero Bumper for Boxster 1997 - 2003
 Kevlar lamellas detail  sideskirts  kevlar splitter  kevlar hood accents
overall look front profile of bumper and kevlar lamellas  rear kevlar valence black cabriolet with completed modification

High-Styling with Carbon Fiber for the Porsche Boxster®
custom bumper for prsche boxster with carbon fiber lamellas rear valence with carbon fiber accent for porsche boxster rear perspective on bodykit styling for porsche boxster
 carbon fiber hood accenting for porsche boxster  sideskirts for porsche boxster  porsche boxster nose detail with carbon fiber styling  lamellas detail in carbon fiber

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