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August 5, 2003 - Five New Cars from Audi - Maybe

It looks like Audi may introduce five new cars into the marketplace. Perhaps some of the vehicles shown are trial ballons, however some seem destined to make it to product - others may be just hot air. LLTeK presents a listing of recent speculations and you can take it all in with a grain of salt.

S4 Cabriolet 4.2
  High rollers are betting it is almost a certainty that an S4 cabriolet with the big 4.2 V-8 will likely be putting smiles on the faces of North Americans for the 2005 season. On sale as a 2004 model in Europe, expect this 110% fun and performance car to be stateside one year later after retooling for the US specs.

A3 5-door Sportsback
Is this the A3 model destined for North America? We think not; but, expect the model to hit our shores to be very similar. The A3 is bound to be a great entry-level Audi - however, a fully equipped S3 will not be an inexpensive toy.

A8 W-12
  The W-12 with tandem V6 cylinder blocks may make it to our shores but will be dependant on sales of the 4.2 A8. The new corporate front grill (upstairs and downstairs) looks like it will migrate into the entire Audi lineup. Check out the neat (and very clean) rear exhaust valance.

Nuvolari A6 - Cabriolet?
  Is the Nuvolari really the A6 or will the Nuvolari be a free-standing vehicle in the Audi lineup? This mockup of a Cabriolet version may or may not make it into production as a limited edition.

A3 Sport Utility
  This 5-door version of the A3 looks like a mini-allroad and we believe this type of crossover car may one day see our shores if it actually goes into production. Rumors of the concept car "Steppenwolf" have circulated for a year, we prefer the "Steppenwolf".

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