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October 17, 2002 - S6 / A6 Air Intake Prototypes for Audi Released

LLTEK's S6 A6 4.2 Air Intake Upgrade
LLTEK Motorsports announced today the release of prototype Air Intakes for Audi's 2002 S6. This UBERHÄUS upgrade is just now emerging from development and LLTeK will be taking advance orders on the first consignment. LLTeK's prototype photos illustrate how the mesh louvre and lighting cover change the demeanor of the automobile entirely.

The combination of Air Intakes and Split Lip Spoilers produces a unique and exciting look - overall, a dramatic transformation. Owners of Audi's 4.2liter A6 will find the "scoops" completely compatible also. The Lip Spoilers are an in-stock upgrade and the Air Intakes will be ready for shipping shortly. Both items can be ordered with MatchPaint Option and LLTeK will see that you are among the first to enjoy this outstanding look.

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