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October 31, 2002 - New Shipment of Mud and Snow (M&S) Mats for Audi Cars

LLTEK's renowned interior protection mats have just been landed from Europe. These unusual floor mats are so well designed and manufactured that the aesthetics are pure bonus. In fact, many LLTEK customers use them year round and that includes Audi owners from sunny Florida.

What the mats are not: LLTEK's M&S Mats are not one-size-fits-all rubber mats that store excess water and/or street debris - eventually this type of mat will spill contents or ruin the cuffs on your pants. The LLTEK M&S Mat is a thoughtfully produced car care accessory made to exceed your expectations and protect your Audi's interior carpeting. It is manufactured in Europe.

The M&S Mat's surface is a low-pile industrial strength synthetic - spun and bonded to an impervious (read waterproof) plastic sheeting. The carpet pile will distribute moisture over its surface and allows for rapid evaporation - so the surface never stays damp or wet for long.
More important is the mat's custom shape - molded in the manufacturing process to conform to the shape and style of your Audi's front floor pan. The mats have raised and extended outer edges that continue up the side of the transmission tunnel. Dust, debris, water and you-name-it will not reach the original surfaces of your Audi's floor.

  M&S Mats are available for the following Audi models
 Audi Model  Color Price 
 A4 B5 previous generation 1996-2001 Sedan and Avant.  Raven Black or Charcoal Gray  $99
 A4 8E current generation 2002> Sedan and Avant  Raven Black or Charcoal Gray  $99
 A6 C4 1998> All (except 4.2Liter)  Charcoal Gray  $111

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Custom Fit Trunk Liners are also available for the following Models:

TT Coupe FWD   1999>   180HP   $99.00

TT Coupe quattro   1999 >   180HP / 225 HP   $99.00

A4 Sedan FWD   1996 - 2001   1.8T / 2.8   $99.00

A4 Avant quattro   1996 - 2001   1.8T / 2.8 / S4   $99.00

A4 Sedan quattro and FWD   2002>   1.8T / 3.0   $99.00

A4 Avant quattro and FWD   2002>   1.8T / 3.0   $99.00

A6 Sedan quattro and FWD   1998>   2.7 / 2.8 / 3.0 / 4.2   $99.00

A6 Avant quattro   1998>   2.8 / 2.7 / 4.2 / allroad / S6   $99.00

(prices subject to change)

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