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December 30, 2002 - RS4 OEM Aero Now Available Through LLTEK.

RS4 B5 Avant - Street Legal Racing CarFirst Notice - Genuine OEM RS4 components will soon be available from LLTEK at favorable prices. Audi's renowned and recently retired RS4 (B5) line has been given a reprieve on the aero components side - allowing enthusiasts the opportunity to acquire and own an automobile look previously unavailable to them. The original OEM production parts will be available from LLTEK as follows: A 4-piece Kit including the front bumper which includes the OEM fog lights and lower grills, the left and right side skirts and the rear bumper with all grills. The projected price for all 4 (four) components is approximately $2500. Front Fenders and Rear Avant Fenders will be available for approximately $500 per piece. NOTE*: The RS4 aero components are intended to fit on a widened A4/S4 Avant. Body work is necessary on the rear of the Avant A4 and S4 involving Rear Doors and Rear Fender attachment. The same holds true for installing an RS4 Rear Bumper on a Sedan as the bumper was designed for the Avant.

The front bumper will be made available through LLTEK at a standalone price of approximately $900.00. Purchasers will have the choice of modifying the existing fenders or to purchase outright the widened OEM Fenders. NOTE*: The 4 (four) RS4 Aero components will be shipped from Germany - direct from the manufacturer pre-painted. LLTEK will make every effort to obtain components pre-matched to meet your color requirements. However LLTEK cannot guarantee the preselection of color nor can it guarantee the part will not be damaged during the ocean voyage. However, the risk of damage in transit is offset in savings realized this side of the Atlantic- you will save the cost and time associated with custom paint - either through LLTEK or your local installer/painter.

For more information please contact LLTEK as supplies are limited. Act now and own the defining look of Audi's renowned RS4 line. 1-888-GO-LLTEK

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