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December 30, 2002 - Porsche Boxster® Styling Body Kits to Arrive in January.

LLTEK Gateway to Boxster Tuning Porsche Boxster® Styling Kits are on the boat and are due to be landed in early January. This first shipment of Caractere's Porsche Boxster® Kit with North American fitting specifications represents a milestone for Porsche Enthusiasts and LLTEK alike.

The overall effect of a Boxster® modification - fully-dressed in the Caractere Kit style - is a transformation in tone - from nimble speedster to aggressive racer. A similar complete conversion kit for the 996® will be released in the new year. In the meantime however, only 996® Front Bumpers are available and are included in this first shipment.

All Caractere front bumper conversions feature carbon fiber upper air louvres plus a unique carbon fiber lower lip spoiler which directs cold air via special channels to the left and right brakes to enhance cooling and braking performance. Further down the road, LLTEK expects to see more Porsche-centric Aero design from Caractere - specifically for US-spec cars like the Boxster S®. LLTEK has further plans in developing a new US-spec rear bumper designed to fit the 2003 Boxster® and Boxster S®. Stay tuned.

Other Porsche Boxster® and 996® items in release from LLTEK are: new aluminum Pedal Sets complemented by a custom-fit Dead Pedal Pad designed for the Porsche cockpit and a new Cellular Telephone Base accessory in leather which blends into the center console design. Also, watch for LLTEK's new Instrumentation Ring upgrades - a simple and visually appealing instrumentation upgrade.

A new 4 page brochure is available in Adobe's PDF file format. Get your copy of LLTEK's Brochure today. To view this LLTEK brochure in PDF file format, your computer requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe will provide a free copy of Acrobat Reader if you do not already have one.

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