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August 14, 2003 - Congratulations to Winning Competitor Michael G.

Michael G. shown with his Audi A4 8E "First Place" winning entry - July 2003

LLTeK recently received good news from Michael G. - First Place Winner at The Texas Heat Wave - Car and Truck Show in Austin, and we felt that his efforts deserve recognition. The show is in its 14th Year and draws close to 30,000 spectators annually. Michael's Audi A4 (8E) took Top Honors in its class and LLTeK is proud to have been a part of it.

The winning A4 (shown above with justifiably proud owner) has an LLTeK MatchPaint Rieger RS4 Bumper, LLTeK MatchPaint JEDesign side skirts, LLTeK MatchPaint Uberhaus rear spoiler and rear roof spoiler and LLTeK's special custom "Silver Bullet" grill. Michael's Audi sees a lot of competition and has garnered many awards. Following his first place honors in July, Michael took 2nd place at "NHRA Stylefest" and Class Winner at another local car show in Irving, Texas. We wish Michael well in all his endeavors and offer our congratulations.

The strong finishes have attracted the attention of editors and promoters - the car is expected to show up as a feature for magazines, agencies, and a calendar for 2004. You will probably be hearing more about Michael G.

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