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August 19, 2002 - LLTEK Announces LaPP Discount Program.

April 2007 - LLTEK Announces End of LaPP Discount Program.
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Loyalty and Points Program
Look for this LLTEK LaPP Value Mark and realize valuable credits on your purchases from LLTEK.

Audi enthusiasts are the recipients of good news today with LLTEK's introduction of LaPP (Loyalty and Points Program). With the LLtek LaPP membership program, customers will earn reward points with every purchase made directly from LLTEK Motorsports. Members can then accumulate points for future redemption to reduce the cost of future LLTEK purchases. Carefully read all terms and conditions which may, from time to time, be updated or changed.

  • A) Each dollar (USD) of product purchased represents one (1) LaPP point.
  • B) Points may be combined with dollars as part of the redemption program. Points awarded are for product only, not shipping nor other costs (e.g. special installations).
  • C) No points will be awarded to corporate entities, stores, dealers or resellers.
  • D) LLtek's LaPP program is for Audi related products only. Boxster product are not covered.
  • E) If a member abuses the LaPP program and concept, the member may be removed from the program and may forfeit all LaPP points.
  • F) Each customer is responsible for informing LLTEK he/she is a LaPP member to register new LaPP points on the current purchase.
  • G) The LLTEK computer system will track awarded LaPP points and redemptions.
  • H) 1st LaPP redemption available after 3000 LaPP points are accumulated.
  • I) LaPP points cannot be combined with other members' points.
  • J) LaPP points valid within two years only of award - unredeemed points voided automatically.

LaPP is a gratuitous gift program. It can be cancelled individually or globally at any time without any notice and with no liability to LLTEK Motorsports Corp. Members may call, fax or email LLTEK for LaPP status. (Have your LaPP membership number available.)

Members will be given a LaPP number to identify their LaPP account.

LaPP points have no monetary redemption value and can be used for redemption of LLTEK Audi performance parts and accessories only.

For redemption calculation, the value of .07 cents is multiplied by the number of points redeemed. The result is the credit redemption to be applied to new purchases. This is equal to a 7% discount.

Returned product to LLTEK means LaPP points redeemed for that product will be 100% forfeited.

Typical LaPP redemption example:
1. Member customer has accumulated 3,330 LaPP points
2. Member wishes to purchase an A4 Type M rear wing at a price of $444.
3. Member chooses to use 3000 points of accumulated 3330 points towards purchase. (Note: Member may use less than 100% of accumulated points).
4. 7% of 3000 LaPP points equals $210 value.
5. Customer pays $444 less $210 redemption credit and pays only $234 for the type M Spoiler.
6. Customer pays normal shipping cost.
7. Customer still has 330 LaPP points on file for future use after deducting the 3000 points from the customer's LaPP point file plus 234 additional new points earned.

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