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September 16, 2003 - New S4 8E Euro Spec Headlights Coming in Black, Black and Black
~ Retrofits Seamlessly into the Audi A4 8E B6 ~

Today LLTeK announced the addition of Audi's S4 8E Black Euro Spec (E-code) Headlights into LLTeK's array of lighting solutions and upgrades. These combination HID D1S Xenon Low Beam with Halogen High Beam headlights are direct from Audi's European OEM supplier Valeo and are manufactured in Spain. The key to higher light output light is in the S4 design which features an oversized projector lens (compared to the North American A4 lens) of almost double the size. This lens combined with D1S ballasts and a starter integrated into the bulb base, plus the tighter e-code beam specifications is what sets these units apart. Without question, high performance lighting for nightime driving or even spirited nightime driving will be safer. You will be able to drive with a higher level of confidence

LLTeK will enhance and preserve the integrity of the original turn signal design (no orange!) for the North American market with the help of the LLTeK's silver-coated S-Yo turn signal bulb (the silver bulb that flashes yellow orange). The S-YO bulbs will be dual filament, bayonet mount with offset security pins.

The new S4 headlights, for both Sedan and Avant, are a striking study in contrast featuring Black and Chrome as shown above. The interior housing features solid black walls and surround base with chrome ring accents only. These headlights are a perfect fit for the North American spec A4 4.2 and will retrofit into the A4 8E 1.8T and 3.0 seamlessly. Unlike the North American version, the turn signal housing completely covers the bulb and, of course, there is no orange plastic in the corners.

For owners of the A4/S4 8E who already have HID/Xenon - only the 2 new housings need to be ordered as the original D1S bulb/starter and ballast can be re-used. For owners with the H7, H7 Halogen configuration who wish to upgrade to HID/Xenon, the purchase of D1S ballasts plus D1S bulb with integrated starter must be made. For owners who wish to remain with H7, H7 but want the look and performance of the E-code system, a special limited edition version of the same headlight in H7, H7 will be made available. Like all H7,H7 systems, these configurations can be upgraded to full HID/Xenon with LLTeK's Serious Vision upgrade kit.

LLTeK intends to create collateral bulb packages that compliment any configuration with the express purpose of reducing the costs of ownership. LLTeK expects the first consignment of Black S4 Headlights to be landed and ready to ship before year's end; however, it is best to reserve product to ensure your upgrade decision is timely.

If you want a top-looking headlight to provide safe night driving in either a casual or spirited mode, this unit is for you. The oversize projector lens' beam pattern is tightly focused to European specification ensuring a far brighter light output. To reserve a set of headlights or for pricing information to be determined shortly, LLTeK can be reached toll-free at 1 888 465 5835.

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