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October 21, 2003 - Hybrid Divertor Blow-Off Valve for Audi engines with Turbo

Today LLTeK announced the release of a new user-adjustable combined divertor and blow-off valve designed for Audi and VW Turbo motors, for use with pre and post "Drive by Wire" Series cars. DBOV LogoThe new D-BOV (Divertor/ Blow-Off Valve) is first and foremost a high performance Divertor Valve. What distinguishes the D-BOV valve from the competition is the unlimited number of configurations available. You will decide the pressure level at which excess air will be released and you will set the limits on how much air will be released. You can also adjust the noise level of the "Blow-Off". Every Audi enthusiast's dream has now come true. The ultra-engineered LLTeK D-BOV produces maximum throttle response and power in FULL BLAST mode and with a flick of the wrist, your car can run quiet for street use. The D-BOV is ultra high quality. No plastics are used.

Adjustable DBOV IllustrationThe stock OEM Divertor valve Audi uses in its cars has never been widely accepted by the true enthusiast. Upgrading this valve has always been mandatory for high performance driving. Now you get a beautifully engineered alloy Divertor valve with full user selectable BOV levels with incremental ratchet style adjustment. One 4th generation product accomplishes 2 basic functions; a Divertor upgrade and a fully adjustable BOV tuned for Audi cars whether in a non-Drive-by-wire or a Drive-by-wire environment.

The D-BOV has two venting outlets that are "staged". Other competitive valves use one stage and therefore do not function well in a DBW (drive by wire) Audi environment. The first "recirculation stage" is positioned at the bottom of the valve so it will vent with the slightest movement of the piston. The second "trumpet stage" is positioned precisely 4 mm higher so it opens only after the recirculation port. With normal hybrid valves, the split is approximately 40%/60% (but it is always fixed) between vented to atmosphere air and recirculation to outlet respectively. With Type D-BOV, the ratio is infinitely variable.

Here is how it works: During light throttle lift-offs when cruising with your LLteK equipped Audi, the primary piston will only lift 4 - 6 mm; therefore the majority of air is recirculated to inlet and only a little noise will be heard (unless you adjust otherwise). However, when you lift-off after hard acceleration, two magical events occur. First, your "pressurized" (boosted) air must escape both the inlet pipe and the intercooler (even high performance intercoolers), opening the piston and giving a loud "whoosh".* Within seconds the pressure is evacuated from the inlet system allowing the Turbo to continue to spin and pump air through the valve. Even though the car is venting to atmosphere, a sufficient volume of air goes to inlet and passes through the air flow metering system, reducing hesitation (the lean Audi second) or backfire.

Your Audi ECU (or modified Audi ECU) will always deliver fuel to suit the flowthrough air to inlet, even though much has been vented to atmosphere for a split second. Because of the unique 2 stage design, once pressure is evacuated from the system, the piston begins to close, forcing additional air back to the recirculating outlet, further reducing the chance of hesitation and backfiring. And now you control the process, the blow-off noise, the timing, and the between shift venting and noise. The Type D-BOV is the Audi Divertor solution and BOV all in one.

For information on pricing and availability call LLTeK toll-free at 1 888 465 5835.

*note: limited sound performance when used on automatic or CVT equipped cars.

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