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August 21, 2002 - LLTeK's Bodykit First in North America for Audi A8 (Short Wheel Base)

LLTeK Motorsports announced today its exclusive distribution arrangement with prestigious German Designer/Manufacturer JE DESIGN to bring the first full aero styling kit for the Audi A8 to America. Well known for their distinctive and sophisticated urban approach to design - the extension of their signature series to include Audi's A8 is a naturally bold strategy (albeit the sportier D2 Short Wheel Base - 1995>2000). A close examination of the JE DESIGN Front Spoiler for the A8 will reveal a lower grill which echoes the newer A8 / S8 facelift. This clever inclusion will erase years while projecting the car's real capabilities.

LLTeK Motorsports and JE DESIGN first introduced the JE DESIGN A4 aero kit to North America in April of 2002 and followed quickly with images of the A8 bumper in late June. This release of new images detailing the first complete aero kit for the A8 marks an important day for LLTeK, JE DESIGN and the Audi community. Commitment to excellence, innovation and diversity is reinforced with this event. Enthusiasts are invited to inquire concerning pricing and availability.

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