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January 29, 2004 - New Quick and Easy Cockpit Upgrade for Boxster® and 996

Alternative Sports Seat Kit for the Porsche Boxster and 996

LLTeK is pleased to announce a great new upgrade for all Porsche® Boxster® and 996 car owners that did not purchase the OEM "Sport Seats". The conversion kit consists of a set of seat back shells with mini-wing shoulder supports. Manufactured in Europe, the overall improvement to your cockpit's appearance is apparent when viewing a comparison (see below). Moreover, the kit represents truly significant savings over the OEM setup. All mounting hardware and LLTeK's step-by-step illustrated instructions are included.

Installation does not require removing the seats, however they can be easily removed (4 bolts per side) to facilitate the process, and you can be driving again in the same afternoon. LLTeK's MatchPaint option can be used to sync the seatback covers with your car's body color or offset the scheme with a contrasting color as shown here with metallic silver. Purchased in sets only, the kit is being offered unpainted at $888.00 or with MatchPaint option for an additional charge of $177.00. Interested individuals are invited to contact LLTeK using our toll-free number - 1 888 465 5835 - and speak with a representative.

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 Passenger side modified with Sports Seat Kit  Comparison of kit-modified passenger seat with standard driver's seat
 Passenger side modified with Sports Seat Kit

Sport Seat Conversion Kits - Part#OCPOR-01      Paint Code AA

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