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February 23, 2004 - New RSR.5 A4 B5 Grill - Styling First from UBERHÄUS & LLTeK

RSR A4 B5 Styling from UBERHÄUS and LLTEK

LLTeK is pleased to announce the release of the all-new RSR.5 styling grill. This is how you can make one small neat change in the presentation of your A4 B5 and make a big difference. Look carefully at the picture above - and you will notice the curious (and pleasing) absence of the hood release hole in LLTeK's new RSR.5 Grill. Yes, you can still get to the engine bay with a supplied new hood latch release.

  • New Design Features "No Hole" Special Hood Release
  • Quality Manufacture in Purim
  • Choice of re-mounting your OEM Audi Rings / Badgeless Option
  • Easy Install - Hardware and Instructions Included
  • An LLTeK Badge is Included with Every RSR.5 Grill
Click an image to see an enlarged version.
 The NEW RSR.5 A4 B5 Sports Grill from UBERHÄUS  Dress this RSR.5 Grill by re-mounting Audi Rings and or LLTEK Badge - or Badgeless
No Hole!!! Special Hood Release Version!!!
 The NEW RSR.5 A4 B5 Sports Grill from UBERHÄUS

Note: As part of LLTEK's new RSR Bumper Program (available end of March 2004) this grill will be available at a discount of 50%. Call now toll-free and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable LLTeK representative - 1-888 465-5835

Part# ICB5-05       $188

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