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September 29, 2004 - Now Available for the RSR - Full Lip Splitters in Carbon Fiber or Composite

RSR and Carbon Fiber Splitter for the Audi A4 S4 B5
Carbon Fiber Splitter illustrated on the Audi S4

  • RSR Front Bumper and Carbon Fiber Splitter
  • Optional Large Mesh
  • Xenon HID Corner Driving Lights
  • RSR.5 Open Grill with no Hood Release Option

LLTeK announced today that in addition to the smaller center splitters currently offered (available in carbon fiber and composite options) - large, full, wheel-to-wheel versions are now available with the same carbon fiber/composite option. Better than stylish - both versions of splitter divert air to the brake disc area and create additional down pressure for additional stability at higher speeds. Both versions come pre-drilled with all bolt-on hardware and can be retro-fitted to LLTeK's RSR bumper. The resulting look is technical and complements the RSR's already winning competitive look.

The photographs show a full carbon fiber lip splitter mounted on the RSR bumper of an Audi S4 B5. Also featured in this gallery is another LLTeK innovation - the new RSR.5 center grill with no hood release handle hole. Shown throughout is LLTeK's Large Mesh option with ultra-powerful HID Xenon driving lights. Call and speak with a knowledgeable LLTeK representative today. LLTeK will answer your questions toll-free at 1 888 465 5835.

Part# KAZB5-06CF (Carbon Fiber)      Part# KAZB5-05F (Composite)

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Optional alternative wheel-to-wheel splitter shown in dynamic Carbon Fiber. Straight overview perpesective on LLTek's Carbon Fiber splitter enhancing the RSR Front Bumper equipped Audi S4 B5 Splitter channels air to brake area Audi S4 B5 shown with LLTek's RSR Bumper with Optional Large Mesh, Grill, Xenon HID Driving Lights and Carbon Fiber Splitter

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