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November 16, 2004 - Bodykit Styling for the Porsche® 996

Euro-styling Aero Upgrades for the Porsche® 996

OCCI logoToday LLTeK announced a distribution agreement with Italian Design and Manufacturing Firm OCCI. "The company is founded on principles of 'integrated tuning' which state the original balance and spirit of an automobile may not be compromised in pursuit of the best in a machine's character."

The LLTeK "OCCI Full Aero" AlpenKit will be available in 2005 and contains the following components:

  1. Sports Seat Back Shells
  2. Front Bumper Valance
  3. Front Bumper Air Scoops
  4. Side Skirts
  5. 3 piece Rear Deck Spoiler
  6. Rear Bumper Valance
  7. Speedster Dome *(Cabriolet only - Storage Bag Included)

The AlpenKit and many other accessories for the Porsche 996 are included in LLTeK's optional MatchPaint Program. Call LLTeK toll-free at 1 888 465 5835. A friendly and knowledgeable LLTeK representative will respond to all your questions.

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