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LLTEK announced an exciting addition and development in its retail division today. Following months of preparation and successful teamwork with Belgian Designer / Manufacturer Caractere - LLTEK is pleased to announce the addition of an aero-styling line specifically aimed at servicing the North American Porsche Boxster Enthusiast and ROW (*rest of the world); who until today has generally been an avowed style "purist" for lack of reliable and creative alternatives. With LLTEK's stated goal of providing Boxster owners reliable and reputable access to Caractere's truly unique Euro aesthetics; the Porsche Roadster's future tuning prospects have never looked better. LLTEK will carry both the European and American versions of the Boxster kit (which differ in fitment due to marginally different bumper specifications).

LLTEK currently enjoys Special Distributor Status with Caractere; a unique relationship that revolves around LLTEK's efforts over the last year to establish Caractere recognition after introducing the Caractere brand for Audi (LLTEK's Core Business Unit) in North America and ROW*. The extension is considered a perfect fit for all concerned and the Porsche / Audi connection coupled with LLTEK's established reputation for service and quality in the Audi market will drive much of the Boxster Projekt's success. A roll out of a complete line of accessories for the Porsche Boxster is also planned.

The Boxster Project and Boxster owners can also benefit from LLTEK's Custom Paint Program - where only the highest quality materials (i.e. German paint brand Standox Herbert) come in contact with product.

The materials used throughout the Boxster kit are ultra-light composites plus carbon fiber. As part of The Introductory Offer, LLTEK is deducting $576 from the 4 piece kit cost of $4776 - reducing initial kit pricing to $4200. In addition, LLTEK will paint the entire kit for FREE plus supply and install all mesh grills. This added value paint offer will apply to all prepaid orders made prior to January 30, 2003.

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