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March 16, 2005 - HID Xenon Ballast Documentation - Audi A4 / S4 B6 8E Cars (2002-05)

Both housings and interiors are "Black"
Although both housings and interiors are "Black" - these headlights are entirely different.

LLTeK is the premiere aftermarket specialist when it comes to lighting and headlight products for the Audi A4 B6/8E sedan range of cars. LLTeK wants to explain to Audi owners new important information regarding headlight lighting upgrades for the A4 B6/8E sedan car for both e-code and DOT specifications. Consult LLTeK and ensure the headlight upgrade you receive is the headlight purchase you need. LLTeK's experience with lighting for Audi cars will help you make the right choice.


  1. LLTeK identifies A4 8E headlight versions in its current 2005 catalog as "Chrome" (A4 only), "Black" (S4 - will fit in A4) or "Titanium" (A4 - will not fit S4). "Titanium" and "Black" are to be considered one and the same color.
  2. The "cosmetic" look is a very deep dark gray color - almost black. It is not (nor has it ever been) jet black.
  3. Chrome versions continue to be available for the A4 only (not S4).
  4. S4 versions fit into A4 cars.
  5. For ease of catalog reference, "Black" versions apply to S4 cars while "Titanium" refer to A4 cars. Again the "cosmetic" color of the A4 or S4 headlight housing is identical.

A4 and S4 Projector Headlight Housings

LLTek LogoTips to Help Identify Your Ballast To be absolutely sure of the ballast type in your A4 car, you can pull out one of the two headlights. The easier of the two is, generally speaking, the housing on the driver's side. Once the headlight is out of the car, the back of the ballast can easily be seen and does not need to be removed from the headlight. Study the pictures that accompany this bulletin because they will provide you with the quickest and easiest way to identify your system. If, after reading, you are still not sure of your ballast type; we have provided photo documents of what you would encounter if you remove the ballast.

Visual Identification Tips - Visible Ballast Exterior Sufaceof 5G and 5GL

5G bar code sticker shows printed ID "LAD 5G"while 5GL bar code sticker has printed ID "LAD 5GL"

{short description of image}

5G ballast clearly stamped while 5GL shows no stamped ID - (this may change)

{short description of image}

5G shows a large indentation in surface while 5GL shows 4 raised protrusions in surface

{short description of image}

Note: 5G and 5GL ballasts share the same measurements in length and width - this is as far as similarities go.

Visual Identification Tips - Interior Markings Available When Ballast Removed

5G Ballast has a 12-pin connector (2 rows of 6 - power in) while 5GL Ballst has a 4-pin connector (2 rows of 2 - power in). Note the depression around 12-pin connector while 5GL 4-pin connector shows none.

{short description of image}

5G Overall thickness is about ¾ of an inch (plus lump) while 5GL has an overall thickness is about a ½ inch

{short description of image}

The A4 Titanium Headlight Differs from the S4 Black Headlight
Cosmetically the S4 version and A4 versions are the same but there are differences.The A4 Titanium ballast pocket is located under the headlight. The S4 Black Headlight has the 5GL ballast pocket located behind the headlight.

{short description of image}

The diameter of the projector iris is approximately 10% larger on the S4 housing than on the A4 version. The iris size differential does not mean a brighter headlight beam. However, we assume it translates to increased perormance. While the S4 headlight can be installed on the A4 car, the A4 headlight cannot be installed on the S4 car.

{short description of image}
Note the difference in lens size when comparing each projector iris.

  • The pricing on the A4 is slightly lower than the S4 version. When purchasing a set the price differential is $78 per headlight ($156 per set.) Note: you cannot physically install the A4 headlight in the S4 car to save money. It will not fit.
  • The ballast used is the newer, thinner 5GL. However, if you own a set of 5G ballasts, they can be reused in the newer headlight but only with a special adapter plug fitting with the A4 headlight only. The S4 headlight can only use the 5GL ballast.

A4 B6/8E Production Chart:
Note: The Ballast Type dates below are series production dates, not Audi car model years.
Here are production date details provided by the manufacturer that can help you identify your ballast type without headlight removal. There will be some production model crossover and so these dates are useful as approximate guides only. There are two HID D1 versions and one HID D2 version for the A4 B6/8E e-code headlight.

  1. 4G. First limited production series: A4 production - December 2000 to November 2001 (D2 systems with 4G ballast). These headlights are quite rare in the USA and Canada.
  2. 5G. Second production series: A4 production - October 2001 to December 2002 (D1 system with 5G ballast). Again, 5G ballast need conversion plugs to re-use in current production A4 headlights.
  3. 5GL. Third and final production series: A4 production - January 2003 to end of B6 production. B7 uses a totally different headlight (D1 system with new ballast).
  4. 5GL. All S4 production: S4 production - all B6 years (D1 with 5GL ballast) - no need to verify.

{short description of image}
Picture of the Early 4G Ballast (Very Few in North America).

Know Your Headlight Specifications

  1. Certain exceptionally early A4 B6 /8E cars with HID (mostly in Europe but some made it to the USA/Canada), utilized the previous generation 4G D2 ballast and HID D2 bulb system. If you are an exceptionally early model A4 B6/8E owner contemplating a headlight upgrade which is currently HID D2, you will need to purchase 5GL ballasts to work with the newer headlights. LLTeK may, at its option, trade your older 4G for the 5GL. Call. Currently LLTeK has no plans to import e-codes to use with older D2 technology.
  2. Early A4 B6/8E (USA and Canada) cars delivered with HID D1 use the first generation fatter 5G ballast located in a pocket under the headlight. These ballasts can only be re-used with the newer A4 headlights (that LLTeK is now receiving) providing a special conversion plug is fitted (which LLTeK has designed) and which will allow the owner of a 5G ballast to use their ballast with a an A4headlight designed for the 5GL ballast. The 5G Ballast will not fit and is not compatible with the S4 headlight. This conversion plug will not be expensive and will be available only with the purchase of a headlight set. The manufacturer of the headlight is no longer producing headlights to use the older 5G ballast.
  3. Serious Vision Logo If you are contemplating a lighting/performance upgrade and your current headlight is already HID and you wish to reuse your ballast, you should identify your existing type of ballast to determine if it is 4G, 5G or 5GL (if it's 4G, you need the 5GL ballast). If the ballast is 5G you will need the adapter plug to use with the newer current A4 (NOT S4) headlight production. Current S4 cars are always 5GL and most January 2003 production onward uses the 5GL ballast. Cars that are currently Halogen, where the upgrade is to HID, will of course utilize 5GL ballasts with e-code headlights. Conversion to HID can also be made to the existing H7 halogen headlight using the new 5th Generation Serious Vision HID H7 conversion kits with the new inline Sonic Line Filters for the reduced price of $488 (previously $555 for the 4th Generation kit).

The Big Question
If the cosmetic look of the S4 Black is identical to the A4 Titanium, why should I purchase the more expensive S4 version?

Answer: You can save money (if the car is an A4, not S4) buying the Titanium model but the projector iris will be smaller. Only the most knowledgeable Audi enthusiast would be able to distinguish an S4 e-code from an A4 e-code just by looking. So it becomes a decision of a justifiable upgrade cost, esthetics and having the best performance possible. This comes into play - if - and only if you are inclined towards the faster look of the no-nonsense "street and track" S4. It may even be that the Chrome version best suits the style of the Audi you drive - LLTeK can't make that decision for you. But, if you're going to upgrade - call LLTeK toll-free at 1 888 465 5835 - we have the answers to your questions and we have the hardware you need; LLTek will help you make the right choice.

WARNING - CAUTION! HID systems are high voltage systems and deliver approximately 23,000 volts to the bulb at time of bulb turn-on trickling down to about 80 volts during run time. Make sure your key is out of the ignition, and your headlight is in the "off" position during any work or examination of your headlight. Only trained automotive professionals should extract, examine and work on HID version headlights.

Note: LLTeK markets e-code headlamps unless requests are made for DOT variations; however DOT products are rarely stocked. Because specifications continuously change and because our acquired data can be subject to interpretation, LLTek is not responsible for errors, omissions or inaccuracies.

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