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April 27, 2005 - New Bodykit Styling Program for the Audi A6 C6 Unveiled

Aggressive Bodykit Styling for Audi's successful new A6 C6
The aggressive body kit styling for this Audi A6 is achieved with a minor "no-paint" option.

Today, LLTeK announced the addition of a new Euro-styling kit that will soon be made available for Audi's recently and sucessfully launched A6 (C6). These exciting quality accessories for the 3.2 and 4.2 models from Belgian Designer/Manufacturer Caractere are to be carried by LLTeK and signal a "long-time-coming" recognition of a new generation of Audi A6 owners. The kit is clean, bold, proud and playful and reflects specialized styling inspired by Audi's RS6. Below is a list of items currently available and scheduled for release in the coming months by LLTeK.

  1. Silver mirror shells (RS6 Finish not illustrated) or optional chrome - currently available.
  2. LLTeK's unbeatable Mud + Snow Mats protecting your interior - currently available.
  3. An aggressive grill featuring tight mesh reminiscent of RS2 race grill.
  4. Front Spoiler in flexible Purim featuring optional intake sizing.
  5. A rear deck spoiler with purposeful but quiet profile.
  6. An exhaust valence with optional exhaust tips.

click here now for Audi A6 bodykit photos and pricing
click here now for Audi A6 bodykit photos and pricing

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