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September 9, 2002 - 996 Turbo Look from Caractere and LLTeK

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LLTeK is pleased to announce that a new modified version of the Porsche Turbo look front bumper has been created for all 996 styled cars through 2002 (USA years) in collaboration with Caractere - Belgian high performance auto designers and manufacturers. At a later date a version for model year 2003 will receive consideration.

There will be two versions of the 996 bumper; one version is for the Americas' Porsche specification, while the second version will fit the Euro-spec car. Both models utilize a new lightweight composite building material along with genuine carbon fiber parts - a design fusion of appearance and function. The lower carbon fiber section directs additional air to the front brake system using the high pressure transfer method of moving air from the two newly created lower brake ducts to the brake ducting and Venturis. This is a very important performance brake gain for serious Porsche enthusiasts.

This performance upgrade takes about two hours to install (de-install and re-install). A professional is recommended for the work. The bumper is a full bolt-on bumper and fitting tolerances are as good or better than OEM. Proper installation requires minor modifications to the factory rubber air intakes (left and right) plus a small revision indentation cut to the front bumper bar.

LLTeK will make the parts available with optional factory match paint to further reduce the cost of ownership. This is a new development with additional details and pricing to be provided shortly. Under consideration are lower side exterior panels plus a turbo look rear bumper with a lot of carbon fiber to complete the upgrade. Over 70 pictures will be posted for your viewing enjoyment over the next several weeks. In the meantime, here are a few images to start the juices flowing.

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