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November 24, 2005 - New Zealand Audi A6 Owner with DIY Exhaust Tip Modification

LLtek client and New Zealander Max H. shown with recently upgraded A6 exhaust tips
LLtek client and New Zealander Max H. shown with recently upgraded A6 exhaust tips.

LLTeK gets requests for product information on a daily basis; some by phone, some via e-mail, some by fax and occasionally a hand-written note. Responding with the right answer and the right price is the easy part. Shipping the product isn't that difficult either - it's something that's done every day. But now and then though we get a sale and need to ship to some far-away place like South America, Russia, Croatia, England, the middle East, Germany (and yes, we have shipped the A4 RSR front bumper back to Germany), and now New Zealand. You can't get much further from LLTeK than New Zealand. Here's an interesting little story about LLTeK and LLTeK exhaust tips on the other side of the planet.

Before and After Photographs
Before and After Photographs

Say hello to Max of New Zealand - entrepreneur and proud owner of an Audi A6 4.2 quattro. Here he is standing beside his car with a pre-facelift rear bumper (that's the 98>02 styling that used to hide his exhaust system). Max opted for LLTeK's rear tip conversion kit to give his A6 the look of the facelift A6. This particular A6 had back-up sensors but there was no interference or problem. The installation took him less than an hour. Max is more than proud of the look. He is more than proud because he and a friend did the installation themselves. Easy and straight forward installation - enough for Max to consider LLTeK's 4.2 lip spoilers and air scoops.

Next on the list, Max will be installing LLTeK's Serious Vision HID conversion kit. This 6th generation lighting upgrade has the new Audi noise filter integrated into the ballast, making cross-wire interference a thing of the past. Max may be getting the new, soon-to-be-released 42 watt HID version that will replace the traditional 35 watt version - it yields 20% greater brightness. You can bet there are places in New Zealand that don't have street lamps and having all the advantages of Xenon makes good sense. Yes, they drive on the wrong side of the road and the steering wheel is vice versa but that doesn't mean they don't know a good thing when they see it. Anyway, we just wanted all of you to know that thanks to Max, the A6 4.2 and LLTeK's Tip Conversion are all getting along fine in New Zealand - a place that is not quite as far away as it used to be. Note: LLTeK also has a similar tip conv ersion program for pre-facelift A6 with the 2.8 and 2.7T motors. And if you're in the market for a trunk spoiler - LLteK has one of those too!

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 Max has a passion for restoring old farm tractors.

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