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January 6, 2006 - New LLTek HID - Bigger, Better and Brighter
Happy New Year!

New Bulbs for LLTek Hid Xenon Conversion KitLLTek announces an important precision upgrade to its Audi-tailored and Audi-friendly HID Xenon upgrade conversion kits. LLTek will introduce in 1st quarter 2006, a new standard of performance in HID upgrade conversion kits. Up until now, all HID Xenon bulbs and ballasts were engineered for 35 watts of output. OEM factory installations were also 35 watts. In fact, the world standard has been 35 watts. Now LLTek will land the first 42 watt systems featuring new HID bulbs and new ultra high performance ballasts. The ballast will now have the Audi-friendly "Sonic Filter" and a new "Noise Suppression Filter" incorporated into the ballast. The end result will be an increase in brightness of 17% to 20% in bulb output with no increase in cost. The up graded kits will be available in H7, H3 and H1. Shortly thereafter, LLTek will release D2 HID components also calibrated for 42 watts of ultra high performance Xenon lighting. Color temperature will be rated at approximately 6000K (Kelvin) for a very pure white look.

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