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June 19, 2006 - HID Conversion Kit with 20% more Xenon Output

Serious Vision HID Xenon Upgrade Packaging"They're here and they are real". Just received are the new 42 watt conversion kits to take HID headlight lighting to the next highest level. Up to now, all OEM and upgrade conversion kits "maxed" at 35 watts per system. Now LLTek gives you a first. True 42 watt output for 20% more light and no increase in cost.

The "Serious Vision" HID conversion kit has specially designed circuitry and filters targeted specifically for the Audi, Porsche and VW line of cars. These "extra" design elements make the transition to Xenon HID smooth and easy. Each system is designed to function well in the electronic environment of the above family line of cars. Naturally the systems work well in BMW and Mercedes cars. So, if you are thinking HID Xenon, you can now get 20% more light with no increase in cost and the new A3 H9 version is now available and now in stock.

Call LLTek with your questions on our toll-free line now - 1 888 465 5835 - a friendly and knowledgeable LLTek representative will be able to provide answers.

Consumer Product Warning - ImportantImportant Notice/Warning: Owners of Serious Vision 35 watt HID Conversion Kits are advised to NOT mix system components with the new 42 watt HID Conversion Kits. The components of these systems are incompatible and mixing 35 watt and 42 watt system components will likely result in damage to the car's lighting and /or electrical system.

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