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August 29, 2006 - E-code Lighting for the Audi A4 B5 Pre-Facelift

2 Piece e-codes - Now in Stock!

LLTek has received a shipment of e-code lighting for your North American pre-facelift Audi A4 B5 - 1996-1999

Upgrade Now While Still in Stock

They are finally back in stock. This headlight upgrade is the same design you'll find on the Euro version A4 B5 S4 pre-facelift cars. Two great options for the Audi A4 B5 pre-facelift 1996 - 1999 (USA years) will fit your Audi. These two-piece projector headlights are manufactured to E-code specification and feature superior light projector beam patterns. Yellow reflectors (North America specification) in the corner are gone and a thing of the past once and for all. A new anti-condensation coating is now in place to reduce condensation on the lens. This is a superior upgrade with real benefits.

These headlights are a direct replacement for the original 2-piece frosted headlight and frosted turn signal from Bosch. They are "plug and play" with crystal clear projectors that give the car a visual upgrade that is perfectly evident from outside the car and from behind the wheel.

Most importantly, improved illumination on the road, again from both inside and outside the car, will be obvious; especially during lighting transitions experienced at dusk and dawn. Nighttime driving will become far more safer with distant objects being visible earlier - improving reaction time and reducing driving stress. Alertness and response interval times improve dramatically. For performance nighttime driving, the new illumination pattern makes a huge difference. This technology probably wasn't available for your car when it was manufactured. Now it is.

2 Version Available
Note: Ballasts in kits are the new Serious Vision 42 watt variety replacing the Philips 35 watt system.

2 Versions Available: Halogen H7 or Xenon HID

There are two versions of the headlight. From the outside, both look identical, whether your choice is chrome or black stealth. Inside the housings it is another story; they are totally different.
A) Halogen H7 version (halogen bulb)*
B) Xenon HID DS2 version (600K Xenon bulb and new 5th Generation Ballast), 42 watt.

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Kit # DPA48D-13K H7 (B5)
2 piece Housing for Pre-Facelift A4 B5 1996 - 1999
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Kit # DPA48D-13KB H7 (B5)
2 piece Housing for Pre-Facelift A4 B5 1996 - 1999*
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* Can be upgraded to Xenon HID 42 watt system later with LLTek's Serious Vision upgrade kit.

Also In Stock: E-code Lighting for Your Audi A4 B5 Facelift
If your car is a facelift A4 B5 (1999.5 or newer) consider the Halogen version which can be upgraded at any time to HID Xenon - This kit is now at a selling at a great new low price.{short description of image}
Kit# DPA48D-20K (B5) HAL - Single Unit Headlamp Housing for North American Facelift A4 B5 99.5 - 2001

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LLTek's 5th Generation HID Xenon Upgrade Kit

What's new in the HID Xenon version?

For the first time, the Xenon version of the headlight gets the 5th Generation 42 watt high performance Audi-friendly ballast, along with a 6000K 42 watt high performance HID DS2 bulb. Inside the ballast are the two new filters. The first is designed to reduce false "bulb out" dash messages. The second Audi friendly filters is the "diode correction stabilizer" to reduce false "one eye" starts, a condition common to headlight upgrades in Audi A4 B5 cars. At the back of the HID version of the headlight there is a ballast pocket redesigned to house the 42 watt ballast. The headlight is internally wired to take advantage of the D2 bulb base.

Onboard integrated ballast
HID Xenon version of the headlight gets the 5th Generation 42 watt high performance Audi-friendly ballast. Please note: the 35 watt Philips ballast has been replaced by the new Serious Vision 42 watt system.

Why is 42 watts better?

All automotive HID Xenon systems are 35 watt systems. Today every new Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Porsche use the older 35 watt systems. All GM, Ford and Chryslers with HID are also 35 watt based systems. This will all change as manufacturers slowly migrate to 42 watt ballast and bulb solutions. Basically a 42 watt system delivers about 20% more HID Xenon light output with no increase in cost. It's all about vision, performance and safety. You get an extra 20% of lighting for free.

{short description of image}If I choose Halogen for now, can I upgrade later?
Yes, most definitely you can upgrade your new Halogen projector headlights to the 42 watt Xenon HID system at a later date. The only difference is that you will use the LLTek 42 watt conversion upgrade kit. Installation is fast, simple and straightforward. The bulb will be a 6000K with H7 base and is "beam pattern corrected" for maximum clarity and focus output. The ballast on this version remains "outboard" to the headlight as the pocket is not configured for the ballast. (Ballast fasteners are provided with LLTek's kits.) The upgrade contains the two (2) new integrated filters. One reduces a "bulb out" error message, while the second "diode correction stabilizer" reduces false "one eye" starts. Again, bulb temperature is the new 6000 Kelvin look.

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Re New 42 Watt Systems: The "Starter" element in 5th generation HID Xenon systems is no longer inline as shown above but is incorporated into the the ballast housing (as well as the two filters) designed for Audi cars.

Two 90% savings offers on bulbs - a great deal!

90% Savings with Halogen or Xenon Headlight Purchase
This offer valid with the purchase of either the HID or Halogen headlight set.

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Special Bulb Offer
With the purchase of either headlight upgrade, each purchaser is entitled to LLTek's special high discount bulb offer. Just ask for it. And remember, LLTek will pre-install all bulbs, ballasts etc. at no charge. H7 Super Plasma Bulbs (included in this offer) are LLTek's premium bulbs and sell regularly for $77

I want my S-YO
What is the S-YO? S stands for Silver, Y for Yellow and O for orange. It means you can have your own silver coated turn signal bulb that flashes yellow/orange. So when you install your headlight, you see no yellow/orange unless you flash. For this headlight, you can have single or dual filament S-YO bulbing.

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Single element S-YO means the European standard which flash only signalization. Dual element means the bulb will flash for signalization and also has corner illumination when the headlights are on or in parking stage. To use the S-YO single element, you use the supplied new bulb holder in the corner turn signal. To use the dual element S-YO, you re-use your existing bulb holder from your existing turn signal.*

{short description of image}
Specify wedge or bayonet socket at time of purchase

Note 1: If the car is a Canadian Audi A4 or equipped with Daytime Running Lights, the voltage to the headlight must always be 12V. Canadian cars light up automatically with an 8V beam output due to a voltage reduction module. This module must be bypassed to ensure full 12 volts, otherwise the ballast will be ruined. Alternatively the headlight wiring is modified and is controlled only by the switch at the steering wheel, guaranteeing 12 volts of power.

Note 2: All fuses should be upgraded to 20 amps when converting to HID.

A4 B5 Pre-Facelift
1996 - 1999
Part number Description Price
DPA48D-13K H7 (B5) A4B5 Headlight Kit CHROME H7 96>99
includes left and right headlamp housings
and left and right turn signal housings
DPA48D-13KB H7 (B5) A4B5 Headlight Kit BLACK H7 96>99
includes left and right headlamp housings
and left and right turn signal housings
DPA48D-14K HID (B5) A4B5 Headlight Kit CHROME HID 96>99
includes left and right headlamp housings
and left and right turn signal housings
left and right ballasts (42 watt) and
DS2 (42 watt) HID bulbs
DWH7 H7 HID Upgrade Kit 42 Watt $488
 LPAK20H 4 Super Plasma H7 Bulbs with 2 S-YO Turn Signal Bulbs and 2 Mini City Euro Bulbs - value $198 $20
 LPAK12X 2 Super Plasma H7 Bulbs with 2 S-YO Turn Signal Bulbs and 2 Mini City Euro Bulbs - value $121 $12
DPA48D-07L (B5) DRIV A48D(B5) Corner Left CLEAR 96>99 $77
DPA48D-07R (B5) PASS A48D(B5) Corner Right CLEAR 96>99 $77
DPA48D-08L (B5) DRIV A48D(B5) H7 Headlight CHROME L/DR 96>99 $194
DPA48D-08R (B5) PASS A48D(B5) H7 Headlight CHROME R/PASS 96>99 $194
DPA48D-09L (B5) DRIV A48D(B5) HID Headlight CHROME L/DR 96>99 $194
DPA48D-09R (B5) PASS A48D(B5) HID Headlight CHROME R/PASS 96>99 $194
DPA48D-10L (B5) DRIV A48D(B5) H7 Headlight BLACK L/DR 96>99 $244
DPA48D-10R (B5) PASS A48D(B5) H7 Headlight BLACK R/PASS 96>99 $244
DPA48D-12L (B5) DRIV A4S48D(B5) Corner Left BLACK 96>99 $77
DPA48D-12R (B5) PASS A4S48D(B5) Corner Right BLACK 96>99 $77
DPA48D-03L (B5) DRIV A48D(B5) Corner L BOSCH Type 96>99 $33
DPA48D-04L (B5) DRIV A48D(B5) Corner R BOSCH Type 96>99 $33
DPA48D-05R (B5) PASS A48D(B5) Corner L VALEO Type 96>99 $44
DPA48D-06R (B5) PASS A48D(B5) Corner R VALEO Type 96>99 $44
  A4 B5 Facelift
1999.5 - 2001
Part number Description Price
DPA48D-20K (B5) HAL A4S48D(B5) H7 Headlight Set CHROME 99.5>01 (S4>02) $355
DPA48D-20L (B5) DRIV A4S48D(B5) H7 Headlight CHROME L/DR 99.5>01 (S4>02) $188
DPA48D-20R (B5) PASS A4S48D(B5) H7 Headlight CHROME R/PASS 99.5>01 (S4>02) $188
DWH7 H7 HID Upgrade Kit 42 Watt $488
 LPAK20H 4 Super Plasma H7 Bulbs with 2 S-YO Turn Signal Bulbs and 2 Mini City Euro Bulbs - value $198 $20
LPAK12X 2 Super Plasma H7 Bulbs with 2 S-YO Turn Signal Bulbs and 2 Mini City Euro Bulbs - value $121 $12

Pricing as of August 29, 2006 - Subject to Change

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