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April 12, 2007 - New RS Style Mesh

3 Dimensional Aspect to New RS Mesh Styling in ABS

There is a new type of mesh available from LLTeK. It is raised and rounded, giving the weave its 3-D nature. It's manufactured in sheets of black ABS plastic - so it's virtually impervious to rock chipping. It can be used in most front and rear bumper applications. In addition to its good looks and dimensional characteristics, the mesh can be used "as is" in its natural black color, so there is no charge for painting. Price is currently set to debut at $66 per configuration (update - April 2016 - price $88.00). If you have any questions concerning this product or any other product offered by LLTek call toll-free at 188 465 5835 or 1 888 GO LL TEK.

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