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April 13, 2007 - JE Design Creates Audi TT MkII Body Kit Styling Package

Audi's New TT 8J from JE Design's Point of View
Photo of an Audi TT modified by JE Design.

LLTeK Motorsports, North American importer for JE Design, proudly releases photos of the new JE TT MkII body kit styling package. The kit consists of a left and right lip spoilers with gill venting, center splitter, fully integrated slab-side skirts, a stylish rear lower valance in "carbon fiber look" with ports for quad exhausts, and a conservative wing that complements the TT's mechanical spoiler. More details and prices will be released shortly.
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JE DESIGN Photo Gallery for the Audi TT 8J

Click on an image for an enlarged version
  Intrigue and Style for the new Audi TT 8J  
Detail Image of Spoilers and Splitter Head-on Perspective for Audi's New TT 8J Overall Image of JE Design Styling
Overall Perspective of Je Design Styling for the Audi TT 8J by JE Design Carbon Fiber Look on JE Design's Rear Valence Detail Image of Carbon Fiber Look Rear Valence
Detail Image Wing Spoiler Operational Detail Image of Wing Spoiler Down Detail Image Wing Spoiler Operational
  Full Profile of JE Design's Styling for the Audi TT 8J  

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