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January 28, 2008 - Ground FX Lighting Kit for Facelift Volkswagen Touareg II

Sapphire Blue LED's - Total 16
Sapphire Blue LED's - total of 16 in skirts and rear valance.

Floating Touareg II Goes to the Movies - As part of the new JE Styling Kit for the Facelift Touareg II, a new side and rear LED lighting kit is now available as an option. However, these very same LED parts can be fitted into sideskirts that fit the pre-facelift Touareg, too. Each side piece contains 5 Sapphire Blue LED high-powered lights (10 in total). The rear component contains 6 Sapphire Blue LED lights. This is, without question, a very unique look. And, here is a teaser. Look for the complete wide body kit on Touareg II's with full LED lighting in the upcoming sci-fi thriller "Repossession Mambo" (currently in post-production). LLTek supplied Touareg kits to this film's producers which went a long way in helping create the vehicles' "near-future" look .

High profile lighting for the Volkswagen Touareg

For more information and pricing on this bodykit styling for the Volkswagen Touareg, click here now.

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