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October 27, 2009 - Audi R8 High Performance Exhaust System Upgrade by Supersprint

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Photo shows how large cannister of OEM system straddles the R8 transmission tail in comparison to straight over Supersprint.

Every now and then LLTeK has photographs and a story that we're particularly happy to share. Today is one of those days and we have photos of an Audi R8 in an unusual state. Instead of the sleek and dangerous photos that we have become used to - it's high and dry getting a new high performance exhaust system. Not a swing-by-the-corner-muffler-shop installation by any means - the whole process is made somewhat easier in that there will be no surprises or fitment crisis. Supersprint is recognised world-wide and designs exhaust systems that enable cars to go faster - the Supersprint sound is just a bonus. Supersprint has operated in street and track exhaust systems since 1955. Nothing is left to chance.

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This is where the expression - "fits like a glove" - has real-time, real world consequences.

The customer and owner of the Audi R8 pictured here is pleased with the gain in power, torque and performance. There is no low end resonation and the deeper tone and note is exactly what he wants to hear when you say "sleek and dangerous". The legal decibel levels are higher than the OEM system (compare cannister volumes) but the sound is never intrusive. On the other hand, Supersprint race and track systems are definitely loud - but then, the idea is to go fast - not worry about the neighbours.

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Looking to upgrade to a high performance exhaust system recognised around the world?

You are always welcome to call LLTeK toll-free 1 888 465 5835 or International 001 514 733 6333. LLTeK will answer questions about your Audi.

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