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Kahn Design and LLTeK Motorsports now provide Land Rover, Bentley and Aston Martin owners in North America with a window on aftermarket parts for body kit styling, unique interior appointments and in this section - a series of wheels that will not be found anywhere else.

These impeccable bespoke wheels range from 19" to 22" in different colours and finish. Often within a particular design, the centre cap will be an option between either the Kahn Design Signature  or original marque.  All these fine automobiles can profit dramatically from an extension to personality beyond the everyday.

These unique wheels developed for owners of cars representing a tiny fraction of cars worldwide will not make your car go faster. They will not improve your driving skills. These wheels are not understated, reserved or stuffy - and they are neither loud nor gregarious.

 These wheels are uncommon.

Click on an image to see the possibilities Kahn Design has produced for your vehicle. If you have any questions, contact LLTeK toll-free in North America at 1 888 465 5835.
International calls will be answered at 001 514 733 6333

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Call Now with Your Questions - Toll Free in North America 1 888 465 5835
International Calls will be answered at 001 514 733 6333

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