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Body Kit Styling and Tuning Upgrades for the Audi A6 - Street and Track

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We've recently added two separate electronics upgrades to the A6 tuning side in the LLTeK line-up. Both applications, by and large, are for Audi's most recent models. Direct from Germany, A6 C7 owners with air assist suspension now have the option of a TÜV approved lowering module. Get your 2012 A6 closer to the pavement with this sweet piece of plug 'n play lowering software specific to Audi models with air assisted suspension.

Also made available recently (February 2013) is a HP / Torque booster (and the chip tuning guys who flash the ECU will not be pleased with the competition) the module provides real go-fast gains measuring increases of 25%. The improvements range from 36 horses for the 2.0 TFSI engine to 78 horses in the allroad's 3.0 TFSI. See DIY Chip Tuning for the Audi A6 here.

Rieger Releases Body Kit Styling for Facelift A6 C6 Avant 2009 - 2011