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rs grille - before & after

From: Michael S. [mailto:***********@gmail.com]
Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2016 2:42 PM
To: Mark
Subject: Re: FW:

Hi Mark, the new grill for my A8 is now painted and installed. I did not cut out the center areas of the fog light grills as the blades on both sides of the grills need to be retained. I instead painted the fog light grills gloss black and relocated the license plate to the right side. Everyone loves the looks of the new grill. It's taken a classy looking car and transformed it into a luxury sports car.
Thanks, it was a great purchase, l received it one day after l ordered it, and the fitment was good. I did pre-drill the new mounting holes as the first self tapping screws snapped off.
I've include a couple of the pre and post pic's.

Thanks again!!!

Michael S.

"The Gamechanger" for A8 / S8 D3 2006-2010 Cars
A Great Grille Upgrade

Sabre RS8 Bumper for the Audi A8 / S8 D3 2006 - 2010

Slideshow below will provide variations in paint, lighting, and grille options.
Example above shows RS silver grille, fully painted lower bumper lip, oem corner vents, LED's not installed.

Facelift A8 and S8 D3 Information Guide

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Direct from Europe
Aftermarket bumper for the facelift now; shown here with optional rings & optional corner grilles.

The new UberHaus RS Sabre bumper for the Audi A8 D3 years 2006 - 2010, is coming down the pike. This is the bumper upgrade you've been waiting for that bumps a D3 up 1 generation.

LLTeK announces a no-charge upgrade in its A8 / S8 D3 Sabre bumper programme. As part of the package, lower vent LED /DRL's are included, and these lights have now been upgraded to a larger, brighter performance product.

This bumper provides a clean, factory RS look. The Quantum RS grill, a central feature, presents a no-license-plate-panel / ultra-clean appearance featuring OEM RS style honeycomb mesh seen on all Audi RS cars. However, a euro-spec license frame for a plate can be neatly attached if required. Style enthusiasts can choose between Audi's square shoulder black or silver RS look grille.

RS Lamella lower vent insertsOrders for Europe or other countries that require a Euro-style plate can have the same black or silver RS Quantum grill version with a fixed Euro-sized plate holder. The bumper accepts all 4 park distance sensors. If your car does not have sensors, a delete option is available at no cost. Designed in Spain and built in Portugal, the Sabre is the absolute latest in Audi A8 styling with delivery set for late summer 2013. Ask any question you have here via e-mail.

upgradrd DRL comparison

The photos of the Sabre bumper below (see Features We Like) are advanced development pictures received from Portugal. So, to give you a better idea of the finished look, we are providing photos of other Audi RS cars to give you the look and feel of what the bumper will look like and will provide new photos of the bumper on and off the car as the project moves forward.

rs black grillers silver grille
Sabre RS bumper includes choice of RS grille in Piano Black (left) or RS Silver (right with) rings optional.

bumper with rs silver grille
RS Silver grille illustrated with bigger brighter LED upgrade.

In North America call toll-free 1 888 465 5835 --- International 001 514 733 6333.
Business hours are 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM ET - International calls -5:00 GMT.

Features We Like

base bumper package
ALL-IN Sabre bumper illustrated with Grille, Badge, RS corner mesh, and LEDs - ring mount and rings optional

image - contact information

This is Your $2699 Packing List

$2699 to the Door - - - ALL-IN Simple Pricing

Note: *Shipping price is a manufacturer subsidized price for locations within the USA (except Hawaii & Alaska extra) plus Canada. In case of product return, $299 in imputed shipping costs is non-refundable.

What's in the Box?

package included graph

Optional Upgrade Items

Note: *If your A8 or S8 has ACC (adaptive cruise control), the grille modification required
to accomodate AAC must be accomplished locally.

Few North American A8/S8 D3 cars have this option.

All offers, programs and pricing subject to change.

Optional A8 / S8 D3 facelift Styling Parts and Pricing for the Sabre RS Bumper Program

Line# Part# Part Description
click an image for an enlarged pop-up version
Line #1 Part# QGYT-AURRH optional rings and holder
Grille Rings and Ring Mount
    Rings $77
    Ring Mount $33
Line #2 RIEA58T-48 (B8) L
RIEA58T-49 (B8) R

optional corner vents
optional lower corner grilles
click image for enlarged version
$376 (set)
Line #3 JEA84E-02 (D3) SWB
sideskirts on an Audi A8 L
Side skirts (limited availability)
click image for enlarged version

Line #4 HFA84E-12L (D3)

HFA84E-12R (D3)

front fenders
High Performance Composite (Left and right) Vented fenders
click image for enlarged version

$1355 per side
Line #5 HFA84E-11 (D3) rear valence
Rear valance - Sport Config - Quad Tip
click image for enlarged version

Line #6 HFA84E-15 (D3) quad tip mufflers for audi a8
Quad exhaust
click image for enlarged version

Line #7 JEA84E-05 (D3) trunk lip spoiler
Trunk spoiler
click image for enlarged version

Line #8 XT
EXA84E-01 (D3)

EXA84E-02 (D3)cf

EXA84E-03 (D3)

EXA84E-04 (D3)cf

Roof spoiler available in 2 sizes - XT 6" and ST 4"

xt roof spoiler st roof spoiler
Either roof spoiler can be ordered in Carbon Fiber for an additional $200
click image for enlarged version

Line #9 JE970-ET97035 electronic lowering module
Lowering module (plug and play)
Click and View enlarged pop-up image

Click and View More Detail on Audi Suspension Lowering

on/off switch
$155 option
Line #10 HFA84E-20 (D3) led tailights
Euro-spec LED taillights (4 pieces)
click image for enlarged version
Line #11 HF 1410 RS styling badge for trunk
optional RS Badge
core styling cues
Here are the styling cues the Spanish design team were working with in developing the A8 D3 Sabre.

image - contact information

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