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June 29, 2012 - - - Visual cues / Quick reference:
3 easy clues to identify an original A5 B8 (2008 - 2011) and / or a facelift 2012 A5 B8

Both of these Audis (facelift black and pre-facelift white) have been modified by Rieger; BUT, both retain OEM styling cues. It's true that the white A5 (preface) is only showing a front bumper lip spoiler (and 20 inch Tomason wheels) while the new black A5 has a full body kit conversion to the Rieger RS Look with a complete front bumper and OEM RS5 grille. At first glance, the styling is quite similar, but a closer look reveals the real changes in headlights and grilles that will allow you to identify these twins. It's very easy when you have both models side-by-side; it is the "picture worth a 1000 words" thing at its best.

Here are the really obvious differences you will be able to recognise at a distance:
  1. Upper grille corners in the facelift A5 (black) are angled - not rounded - styling first seen on the A8 D4.
  2. The headlight shape on the facelift model is "pinched" in towards the grille.
  3. The LED lights inside the headlights on the facelift model are "surrounds" while the original A5 / S5 LED's are strip lines across the bottom and up the outer side.
Bing! Bang! Boom! You saw it first at LLTeK. We carry the full line of Rieger styling for the Audi A5 /S5 B8 (including the S-Line and cabrio) and you can expect our facelift kit slideshow to be released sometime next week. Call now toll-free and speak with an Audi expert at LLTeK - German tuning for German cars.

Click and View Bodykit Styling for the pre-facelift A5 by Rieger Here

Click and View Bodykit Styling for the pre-facelift S5 by Rieger Here

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