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November 19, 2012 - Audi S4 B5 in Istanbul gets new RSR Life

Ooooh - Clear Corners. The images in this story are used by LLteK with the author's permission - © Volkan - all rights reserved.

Last week, an e-mail came in from Istanbul, Turkey; Volkan, a satisfied customer, sent some words of encouragement and pictures. Although these e-mails are not rare events, it's always a big deal for us here at LLTeK. Our thanks to VGA for taking the time to get in touch - here is much of what he wrote:

"Thanx for carrying great products. Uberhaus bumper and the grill gave the sporty look I was looking for."

"The picture was taken in car services & parts district of Maslak, Istanbul, my hometown. S4 was getting an electrical repair at that day at this AVK Corvette and Supercar service.

I traded my daily drive 2004 b6 A4 1.6 for a 2000 S4 two months ago. Car needed some make up and some good service.

The last picture was the day I got the car. Old and worn beige leather interior, broken grill, scratched wheels, no working wipers, oil leaking trans etc. Now it is in great condition. I did 0-100km in 5.4 sec which shows the car is still in good shape at 177.000km."

The Audi S4 B5 is recognised world-wide as an all-around driver's car. Solid engineering, track, speed, and daily driver credentials make the preservation and maintenance of this car worth every effort. LLTeK played a small part in this - Volkan gets the credit. *****

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Update for December 2012 - Work in Progress

Clean, Quiet, and Respectable
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