Possible Audi Homelink® Device Re-Positioning when Upgrading Grills for Audi Cars

Please Read - If Your Audi Car is Equipped with an OEM Homelink® Device

Audi Homelink® is a remote GARAGE door controller device built into your vehicle if equipped. Inside the car there is a series of 3 buttons (for up to 3 doors). Wired to this interior controller is a signal emitter which is located behind the front bumper (often in a corner under a headlight) or sometimes behind the center grill. Audi OEM attachment of the emitter varies in different models. On occasion the emitter needs to be relocated when a bumper or front grill is being upgraded. The device is compact and easy to move around / relocate.

On some occasions (rarely) Audi attaches the emitter directly to the backside of the front center grill. In this case, Audi normally provides a built-in platform for the emitter to sit on. None of the aftermarket grills that LLTek sells have a Homelink® platform integrated into the design. So.... in those rare cases where the emitter is located on the interior side of an Audi OEM grill, the emitter will need to be relocated closeby. This can be easily accomplished with adhesive and will require a few extra minutes of effort only.

Normally LLTek would identify which cars have the emitter attached to the grill. However, Audi is not 100% consistent within model ranges - so a listing by LLTeK (by virtue of chance and complexity) risks being less than accurate. Rather than publishing an incomplete or inaccurate list LLTeK will provide help and answer any of your questions toll-free.
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