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An Older Audi A8 D3 Comes Back to Life with a Bumper / Grille Upgrade

Aside from the paint, this conversion in Texas was completed at home by one determined guy.

November 25, 2016 - LLTeK has customers on all continents (except Antartica :-) and this story comes from Texas. LeVonne, who is not a mechanic or auto body guy, decided to be adventurous and install LLTeK's bumper/grille upgrade himself. This doesn't happen often, but it is proof again that a determined individual can get everything to fall into place with some diligence and perseverance. What's different in this instance is that Levonne took photos along the project progression (a marathon 12 hours because, at the last minute, his install partner couldn't make and he did it solo) and he has shared them with us and now you! Our sincere thanks for the images and the note via e-mail that accompanied them:

"It been several months since I placed my order. I completed my install (during a 12 hour "all-nighter") the first weekend of July. As mentioned in our last phone call, I did all the work myself, (except the paint job).

The instructions were very good. Thanks for your insights too.
I've attached some pictures (click the link below).

The car is an absolute BEAUTY! As you probably already know, compliments have been flowing since I finished. My next door neighbor drools over my car each time he sees it. Lol!

Total strangers are doing double-takes. I feel like I'm driving a completely different automobile.

Thanks again for everything.



before and after image audi a8 d3

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The impressive results are not evident until you get a before & after image right beside each other. Heads Up (as seen in the slideshow below) - As a matter of course - during the installation you may want to give the impact bar, rad, and some bits of plumbing a coat of flat black metal spray.

Call with your questions or request more information via e-mail today. LLTeK will be pleased to ship you this grille anywhere in the world

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