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new release for audi a4 only

RS Grille Pack - Complete Styling for the Audi A4 B9.5 Only

Released September 19, 2022

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Audi Q5 Modifications

Just Released - Injection-Molded 2022 Q5 / Q5 S-line

December 16, 2021

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Audi A8 Modifications

LLTeK Can Help Get Your Audi A8 D4 To The Next Level

Novenber 4, 2021

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new release for 2021 audi a3 / s3

LLTeK Has The RS Grille Update for Your Audi A8 D4

Reminder October 18, 2021

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new release for 2021 audi a3 / s3

Brand Spanking New from Rieger - Spoiler, Skirts and Exhaust Insert Ensemble

Released August 10, 2021

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new release for audi's q3

RSQ3 Grille Styling - All Badging Included with Choice of Optional Black or Silver Rings

Released August 5, 2021

Call Now and Set Your Audi Q3 (F3) 2019.5 Grille Configuration

new release golf mk7

RS7 Grille Styling with or without ACC

Released July 15, 2021

Shipped to your door, ready-to-install - all badging options included

A4 s-line and S4 grills
silver frame grilles

New Release Grilles for the 2018 Audi A7 4K8

Released April 28, 2021

Grilles choices for Audi's 2018 A7 4K8 Sportback - Accomodation for ACC in both the Gloss Black and Silver Frame Versions

A4 s-line and S4 grills

Quantum Grilles for the 2021 A4 B9 S-Line and S4 B9

Released April 5, 2021

Two grilles in 2 styles for Audi's latest A4 B9 S-line and S4 B9 - Call toll free in North America 888 465 5835

a4 / s4 lip spoiler

Rieger splitter for the S4 B9 and A4 S-line B9

Released February 21, 2021

LLTek has the Rieger front lip splitter upgrade for your Audi A4 B9 S-line and S4 B9! Call toll free in North America 888 465 5835

RS Grille Styling

Bavarian Style and Manufacture for the Audi RS5!

Released January 26, 2021

LLTek presents Rieger styling for the RS5 B9 (F5). Just in time for spring! Call Now! 888 465 5835 - Toll free in North America

link to latest LLTeK modification

RS6 Look for the 2019 Audi A6 4K (C8)

Released February 20, 2020

LLTek presents an exclusive full-featured grill for the Audi exec saloon. Call now for details 888 465 5835.

link to latest LLTeK modification
link to latest LLTeK modification

RS8 Look for the 2014 - 2017 Audi A8 S8 D4

Released June 25, 2019

LLTek has produced an exclusive grill and bumper combination for the Audi flagship saloon. Call now for details 888 465 5835.

link to grill page

Widebody Styling for the Audi Q5 (FY) 2018>

Released May 24, 2019

LLTek has a complete styling upgrade for your new Audi Q5! Click the image above and see all the detail. Call now for details 888 465 5835.

link to S5 / A5 S-line spoiler

New Spoiler for The Audi S5 / A5 S-line 2017

Released May 13, 2019

LLTek presents easy S5 - S-line race styling with a spoiler that bolts on and features a no-paint option of gloss black or matte finish.

link to grill page

RS Styling for the Audi A8 D3

Released April 4, 2019

LLTek has produced RS grille styling upgrade for your A8 D3 just in time for spring! Call now for details 888 465 5835.

link to audi q3 aftermarket grille

The latest RS Grille for the Audi Q3

Released January 30, 2019

LLTek has the RS grille styling upgrade for your Q3 8U 2013 - 2019! Rings, badges, sensor ports w/holders and euro spec plate mount all included!

je design for audi q7 4m

Sport Styling for the 2017 2nd Gen Audi Q7 4M

Released December 14, 2018

JE DESIGN has everything nailed down to make the S-Line get beastly! Click the link and get the details now.

link promo to eta beta wheels

New eta beta line and it's called MAGIC!

Released December 10, 2018

LLTek presents top drawer design from the Italian engineer whose real cred stems from being a rally racer!

rs grille styling for audi a3 s3

RS Sport Grille for the 2017 facelift Audi A3 S3 8V

Released November 21, 2018

LLTek's second version of RS grill styling for the Audi A3 /S3 8V facelift is good to go. This image clearly shows the port for models with ACC. GET 20% OFF NOW!

black mesh silver frame a5 s5 grille

Second RS Grille Option Audi A3 S3 8V

Released November 21, 2018

LLTek presents quantum RS grille styling V2 for the facelifted A3 /S3 8V. All badging and euro spec license plate platform included - BIG BONUS - 20% OFF.

RS Grille for the Audi A5 / S5 F5 (B9)

Released August 8, 2018

First grille upgrade for the current Audi A5 S5 (before facelift) - Compatible with A5 S5 models 2017 and on! Deluxe fitment for the Audi A5 or S5. Gloss black mesh and matte silver frame, it features dark gray lettering for the lip plus badges included with your purchase.

image honecomb grill with badges for audi

RS Grille for the Audi A5 / S5 F5 (B9)

Released August 8, 2018

Latest and greatest offering for the Audi A5 S5 B9. Piano black mesh and frame in glossy finish for this outstanding grille. Swap Fitment for the 2017> models with all optionally installed badging included. LLTeK will deliver to your front door. Now in stock!

image grill

RS Grille for the Audi A4 8E (B7) 2005.5-2008

Released March 7, 2018

Just in time for spring! This grill is specifically designed for the Audi A4 with a blank face base. It is a simple swap upgrade in glossy piano black finsh - with ring holder and euro style license plate platform including hardware - ships directly to your door.

carbon fiber vents image

Engine vents for the Audi R8 Spider 2008-15

Released November 13, 2017

4 pieces in Carbon Fibre with Mesh or 4 pieces finished in clear coat; made for the Audi R8 Spider only. These pieces are custom made-to-order; meaning, you should allow for 6-8 weeks before they show up at your front door.

grill modification for s4 b9

RS Sport Grille for the before facelift Audi S4 B9

Released October 27, 2017

LLTek has your new RS grill for the Audi S4 B9 and it's exactly what you've been waiting for. This modification has the deep 3-D dimensions that accomodate the 3-D red lettering (not a decal!) All the options are included or built-in.

aftrermarket grill for audi a4 b9

RS Grille for the before facelift Audi A4 B9

Released October 27, 2017

LLTek presents the third aftermarket modification grill for the current Audi A4 model. Gloss black finish all over except the rings. All options for badging, parking sensors, camera, and license plate are included or built in!

aftermarket upgrade grilles

RS Fog Grilles Facelift A4 B8

Released April 19, 2017

LLTek presents RS fog grilles for the 2012 - 2016 Audi A4 B8. Simple swap modification that matches up with LLTeK's Quantum RS bumper grilles for a uniform speed and power presentation. These grilles sell in pairs and will put "POP" up front for your German car.

RS Fog Grilles - A4 B8 (before facelift)

Released April 19, 2017

LLTek is pleased to present RS corner fog grilles for the 2008 - 2011 Audi A4 B8. Breathe new life into your daily driver with this simple tuning upgrade. Click below for more information and you"ll find an RS style grille for your bumper in the same place in the same glossy black finish! Go Big!

audi tt grilles

RS Grille Package for the Audi TT
January 12, 2017 - LLtek has THE modification for your Audi TT. This RS styling grille will fit exactly into the space your current OEM design grille sits; the look is aggressive with "track" written all over it. Best value and highest visual impact with zero compatibility issues for any upgrade you can get for the spring! Click the image and get the details....

audi q3 grilles

RS Grille Swap for the Audi Q3
January 12, 2017 - The RS styling featured on this grille is designed to put an edge on the domesticated look Audi designers tend to drop on oem designs like the Audi Q3 2013 -2015. The Quantum grille for the Audi Q3 features badging, license plate platform and hardware (for jurisdictions where a front plate is required by law) Click the image and view details...

audi a6 grilles

Quantum Upgrade for Audi A6 / S6
December 21, 2016 - RS grille styling for the latest Audi A6 is here, just in time for the new year. Dynamic visual changes in this replacement upgrade. Swap your OEM Audi grille with the Quantum RS6 styling option and the simple transformation carries your car to the look of Audi`s high perfomance RS line. Details and pricing found at the link when you click on the image.....

audi a7 grilles

Quantum Grille for Audi A7 / S7
December 22, 2016 - LLtek offers facelift A7 and S7 owners "THE" styling modification for 2017. One of the most simple changes available, the Quantum RS grille in a piano black glossy finish puts your machine in the track realm immediately. This grille upgrade packs more value per square inch than anything else on the site - Click the image and find out more on the details....

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image link to audi grilles

Upgrade & Aftermarket Grilles for Audi

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