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May 31, 2005 - Premiere Tuner for the Audi A8 Introduces 4 New Upgrades

Lowered with Special Lighting
Tuning Audi A8 D3 : Special Lighting, Grill conversion (W12-style) with Carbon Fiber Accent and Suspension Lowering Module

LLTeK today announced the addition of 4 new products to the lineup for Audi's A8 (D3) flagship car. The tuning extensions complement the existing aero-styling body kit from JE DESIGN already carried by LLTeK. New to LLTeK's North American styling program is an exciting quad lighting upgrade featuring high-performance fogs and driving lights to improve night vision.

Also new is a grill conversion kit that gives the D3 model a styling boost inspired by the W12. The grill kit ships in original black and unlike many grill kits - does not require paint. A carbon fiber applique for the license plate bar is also offered as an additional accent and will provide visual relief for owners interested in a less aggressive look. Not so obvious in the photo above is a suspension lowering module that allows the A8 to drop a full inch extra over the factory preset level. However, the functionality of all original incremental lowerings remain unaffected; also auto-levelling features remain the same when the auto height position is selected.

Availability as of this date has not yet been confirmed. However, product is expected in this summer. Call now on LLTeK's toll-free line and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable Rep. 1 888 465 5835       1 888 GO LLTEK

Part # Description Paint
JED3-08 Quad lighting upgrade (driving and fogs) n/a $844
JED3-06 WI2 look conversion (black) n/a $422
JED3-07 WI2 look conversion film (carbon fiber look) n/a $399
JED3-09 Electronic lowering module n/a $1,999
Pricing current at time of publication - Pricing subject to change

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