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Body Kit Styling for the Audi A8 D3 by JE Design

TUV Tested and ApprovedThe photos below reveal an Audi A8 unlike anything you have ever seen. The Body Styling Kit consists of skirts, front and rear valences and an understated trunk spoiler. Owners of both Short (SWB) and Long (LWB) Wheel Base models will be able to transform their Audi D3 Salon Cars into machines that induce curiosity and desire. This kit is confident and self-sufficient - it speaks volumes and never shouts.

LLTek, recognized specialist for Audi tuning in North America is now offering a "blackbox" containing additional electronics for lowering the suspension in the Audi A8 D3 with standard-fitted air suspension. The electronic suspension lowering kit allows the suspension to be lowered by approx. 30 mm, whereby the lowering can be precision-adjusted after fitting in the range of +/- 15 mm (similar to machines tuned with coilover suspensions). See details on Audi Suspension Lowering here.

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Audi A8 D3 with full custom JE Design Kit - MatchPainted to non-standard Sprint Blue
A8 pre-facelift 4.2 V8 with full custom JE Design Kit - completely re-painted to client's preference of non-standard Sprint Blue.

Thanks to the supplied suspension plug, it is possible to restore the suspension to its standard-fitted state within 10 minutes. Installing the kit does not require any intervention into the mechanics, since everything is controlled via the existing electronics system. Furthermore, functionality and operation of the electronic control system for leveling and damping will not be impaired. JE DESIGN supplies the suspension lowering kit with a 2 year warranty, detailed fitting instructions and, of course, with the TÜV parts certificate.

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There have been unconfirmed rumors of women fainting at the sight of these cars.

Front Spoiler Part# JED3-01Trunk Wing - Part# JED3-05Rear Valence Part# JED3-03

Part # Description Model Compatibility Price
JEA84E-01 (D3) Image Overall Front Valance Part#JED3-01
Front Spoiler
North America 2004 -2005
(fitment for pre-facelift V8)
JEA84E-02 (D3) LWB Image Side Skirts Part#JED3-02
Side Skirts (PAIR - L&R)
LWB Long Wheel Base North America 2004>
(fitment for 4.2 V8 and W12)
JEA84E-02 (D3) SWB Image Overall Front Valance Part#JED3-01
Side Skirts (PAIR - L&R)
SWB Short Wheel Base North America 2004>
(fitment for 4.2 V8 and W12)
JEA84E-03 (D3) Image Sports Muffler Part#JED3-04
Rear Valence
North America 2004>
(fitment for 4.2 V8 - not W12)
UHA84E-02 (D3) Skirts Part# JED3-02 and Rear Valence Part# JED3-03
Styling Option
*Optional Custom Vent Openings
1 Vent for Each Sideskirt and 2 Vents on Rear Valance
4.2 liter Sports Muffler with Quad Ports and Tips
JEA84E-04 (D3) Image Rear Sports Valance Part#JED3-03
Sports Muffler
North America 2004>
(fitment for 4.2 V8 - not W12)
JEA84E-05 (D3) Image Trunk Spoiler- Part#JED3-05
Trunk Wing
North America 2004>
(fitment for 4.2 V8 and W12)
JEA84E-08 (D3) Twin Lighting Twin Lighting Set - North America 2004-2005>
(fitment for 4.2 V8 pre-facelift)
HFA84E-20 (D3) upgrade to LEDs now!
Tail Light
Euro Spec LED Tail Lights - Left and Right - 4 pieces $2399

Electronic Air Suspension Control Device

Lowering Module Multi Level Settings - North America 2004>
TUV Tested and Approved
RDID3-02 A8 D3 Footrest Part# RDID3-02
North America 2004> Brushed Finish
KUDD3-20 Black A8 Interior Featuring Pedals, Footrest and Leather Cell Base Holder Upgrades
Phone Base Holder
North America 2004> $111
KUDD3-20 Grey A8 D3 2004> Cell Phone Base Part# KUDD3-20 Black
Phone Base Holder
North America 2004> $111

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Image Overall Front Valance Part#JED3-01 Image Front Valance Part#JED3-01 Image Trunk Spoiler- Part#JED3-05 Image Overall Side Skirts Part#JED3-02
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