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December 17, 2008 - LLTeK Releases Body Kit Conversion for Porsche Cayenne

Dramatic changes available for owners of the pre-facelift Cayenne 955
Call now and get all the details on how to bring the look of your Porsche Cayenne up to date.

LLTek has just released plans for a new body kit that will "refresh" the look of an older Porsche Cayenne (955) and bring the look up to current styling. Designed by Hofele, the kit follows a trend the company has sucessfully developed over the last five years - starting with Audi models that were manufactured before the brand-wide big grill changeover. Building on the success of these kits - LLTeK is pleased to extend the concept of refreshing the appearance of Porsche's Cayenne designed by Hofele.

The authenicity (and beauty) of this Turbo Look modification kit rests on the clever integration of Porsche OEM parts. The photo above illustrates clearly and dramatically how appearances are entirely changed in this early pre-facelift cayenne. The bumper is manufactured to highest tolerances using Hofele's proprietary polyester fiberglass process. However, the grill and lighting components are genuine Porsche parts. Note that this kit incorporates the original headlights of your Cayenne. A complete Cayenne 957 Turbo body kit for the Cayenne 955 is expected to be released shortly from the same design firm and can be viewed by clicking here.

Pricing and Details for Porsche 955 Cayenne Body Kit Styling LITE

Pricing and Details for Porsche 955 Cayenne Body Kit Styling GRANDE

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