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Body Kit Styling for the Porsche® Cayenne 955

comparison illustration of OEM Porsche Cayenne 955 with Hofele Turbo Look Body Kit Styling
Edition for Porsche Cayenne Type 9PA 955 (pre-facelift)

$7699 --- The Complete Conversion for 955 Lite Includes
  • Part #HF955 8381 - Front Bumper
  • Part #HF955 8382 - Acessory Package
  • Part #HF955/7 8383 - Turbo Airbox
  • Part #HF955 8384 Rear Valence
  • Part #HF955/7 8385 - Wiring Kit
  • Part #HF955/7 8358 - Quad Exhaust Tips
This Front Bumper Conversion is compatible with models that have or do not have PDC (Park Distance Control)
and is also compatible with models that have or do not have the Headlamp Washer option

Please Note: Your Original Porsche Cayenne Headlights Are Integrated Into This Modification

Part # Description Composition Price
Part #HF955 8381 Hofele-Facelift front bumper
(requires kit part# HF955 8382)
High Performance
Polyester Fiberglass
with Carbon Kevlar Inlays
Oem Cayenne 955 upgraded to Cayenne Turbo bumper upgrade
Part #HF955 8382 components list below - (5 items) OEM $2588
  • Turbo indicators - front
  • Turbo indicators - side
  • Turbo grills - center
  • Turbo grills - left & right side
  • Tow Hook Caps
  • License Plate Holder
  • Lower Front
Part #HF955/7 8383 Air Box
required for Turbo &Turbo S
(recommended for all other models)
OEM $466
Part #HF955/7 8385 Wiring kit for 8382   $344
Part #HF955/7 8386 Headlight Washer Cover & Jets
2 Pieces Each
Only for Turbo or Turbo S
OEM $266
Part #HF955/7 8355 PDC covers
Required plugs for models without PDC
Hofele Rear Valance - Body Kit styling upgrade for the Cayenne 955 - Part #HF955 8384
Part #HF955 8384 Rear Valence - facelift styling
(recommended but not essential)
High Performance
Polyester Fiberglass
with Carbon Kevlar Inlays
image - Ceyster Quad Tip System part# HF955/7-8358
Quad Tip System part# HF957-8358
Part #HF955/7 8358 Stainless Steel Quad Exhaust Tips
(for rear valence HF955 8384)
90mm and 100mm on each side
Exhaust Tips for Hofele Turbo Lite Cayenne 955 Body Kit Upgrade Part #HF955/7 8358
Part #HF955/7 8387 Custom Steering Wheel
(Carbon Fiber, Leather or Alcantara Inlays)
exchange basis only
core charge may apply
*Exchange - Full price is charged and credit (less transport and associated costs) is made
when steering wheel is returned to manufacturer.

Call Toll-Free with your questions in North America - 1 888 465 5835 --- International 001 514 733 6333

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