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May 29, 2009 Rieger Tuning Body Kit Hits VW Scirocco Downtown

How tall is this frauline?
Rieger Tuning takes body kit styling for the VW Scirocco (genIII) seriously, as usual, and puts an edge on it.

Update: See VW Scirocco Parts List and Price Schedule - Bodykit Styling by Rieger - Posted Here

{short description of image}Rieger Tuning has a reputation for sharp, edgy, and aggressive body kit styling. They have a history with this line from VW all the way back to when it was in its first generation (see photo at left). When the Scirocco came back into production - tuners around the world knew that Rieger would be offering up something special and they were right. These photos have been available for some time now and it's still not a sure thing that the Scirocco will make it to North America; but the car deserves attention and Rieger's sense of design styling make this post worthwhile. If you have seen these before they're worth a second look - and if you haven't seen these images before... well then enjoy.

{short description of image}

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