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HID Xenon Lighting for Audi Cars - High Intensity Discharge Conversion Kits

NEW FLASHLLTEK Motorsports stocks a safe and easy to install HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting system primarily aimed for the conversion and upgrade of halogen lighting systems found on Audi automobiles. There is a very big difference between the "Serious Vision" product that LLTEK will market and all other upgrade kits currently in the marketplace.

5th Generation Technology - Pricing at bottom of page.

LLTEK uses new 5th generation DS2 technology as opposed to older D1 technology which was the original HID system concept. In D2 the starter is built into the ballast and the wire between ballast and bulb is 12 inches maximum and is very thick. D1 technology separates the starter and ballast with the starter being built into the bulb base allowing for a longer and thinner wire. However, D1 technology is almost impossible to use for upgrades as the HID socket is about the size of an oversize golf ball. It's just too big.

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The Serious Vision Technology - Clean - Clean - Clean
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Diagram for 5th Generation KitWith the 5th generation Serious Vision, all wiring is handled, safely, cleanly and professionally. All that is required is a small drilled round hole (drill bit included) in the rear access panel that will be resealed with the supplied rubber grommet which is permanently attached to the special wiring. All wiring connections are the new "click positive:" plastic connectors. We tell everyone that installation time of bulb and ballast takes 30 minutes but it can actually be accomplished in 10 minutes. Connecting to power is inside the headlamp and no cutting or soldering of wiring is required. The power to the headlamp remains unchanged.

Installing Your New HID Kit

It should also be noted the Serious Vision H7 HID system places the bulb in the exact correct position inside the headlamp. At first you might think this is not dramatically important but it is very important as only a small portion of the overall bulb emits the light. Therefore all Serious Vision systems are "bulb beam corrected". In most other aftermarket systems, the bulb may fit but rarely is the center of light in the correct position. If you purchase European A4 headlamps from LLTEK plus the Serious Vision HID upgrade kit, we will pre-install everything for you at no extra cost. When you receive your LLTEK HID Kit, it will be pure "Plug and Play".

Step 1: After disconnecting power to the two headlamps and after removing the bulb access covers of the low beam, high beam or both bulb access covers, drill a small hole in the removed cover. Drilling an Access PortThe HID-Xenon bulb wire is passed through this hole for your headlamp upgrade. On the wire is a supplied adjustable tight rubber waterproof grommet to be fitted into the hole. Next, the HID-Xenon D1-S bulb Threading the Grommetis fitted into the headlamp's H7 base and locked into position via the factory locking device. Wire terminals are snapped into position as per supplied drawings. No cutting of wiring is required on the D1-S installation.

Step 2: Reinstall the access panel and close it. Secure the small starter either to the back of the headlamp assembly or another convenient location. Secure the compact D1 ballast in any convenient location (convenient because you have 2 feet of wire).

Step 3: Finally attach power to the headlamp in the normal manner and the upgrade is completed. Headlamp realignment is recommended but only required if you have removed the headlamp during the upgrade which sometimes can be avoided (model and side dependant). Upgrade Re-Assembled

Snap-In AssemblyPortability BONUS: Each HID-X Upgrade is easily reversible or transferable! When you decide to sell your car , it will only take a few moments to reverse the installation and re-install your original halogen bulb. You can either sell the HID upgrade system or re-install it on your next car. All you need to do is seal the small hole on the bulb access cover.

Note: The information provided here is only a general overview. Full detailed instructions with pictures are included with all upgrade kits.
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"HID Head Light Conversion Kit Schedule"
Part Number Part Description
Serious Vision HID Upgrade Kits Currently Available
DWH1 H1 HID Conversion Kit
 DS2 Technology - Color Temperature 6000K
DWH3 H3 HID Conversion Kit
 DS2 Technology - Color Temperature 6000K
DWH7 H7 HID Conversion Kit
DS2 Technology - Color Temperature 6000K
DWH11 H11 HID Conversion Kit
DS2 Technology - Color Temperature 6000K

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