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Audi A6 C6 Discrete Trunk Lip Spoiler

image Audi a6 c6 spoiler
The look of discretion - a trunk lip spoiler with unobtrusive aftermarket styling for the Audi A6 C6.

UberHaus has refined RS Styling for your Audi A6. It's a quiet modification - almost a sleeper, and creates a distinct sports edge on the OEM lines. This trunk spoiler is covered optionally by LLTek's MatchPaint program and you can choose to have this styling part, which is compatible with the Audi A6 only, delivered to your door ready-to-install.

If you're just the slightest bit adventurous, you can complete this Audi A6 spoiler installation on your own (in the garage or right out on the driveway if the weather permits) - it's 100% DIY. After a dry fit test to orient yourself, you can apply automotive grade adhesive (which is supplied) and tape it down tight for curing; the only thing that's difficult about the whole operation is: not driving your machine for 24 hours. Otherwise, you can drop it off at a trusted shop in the morning and drive it home (slow and steady-like) later in the afternoon. This item (Part# ICA64F-01(C6) is priced at $211 without paint or shipping. We'll be happy to provide an exact dollar amount on request.

Call for a quotation today. In North America toll-free 1 888 465 5835 --- International 001 514 733 6333

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