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A6 C5 4B Exhaust Tip Collars 1998 > 2001

The 2.8 litre Audi A6 featured a rear apron that covered up the oem exhaust tips (the tips were angled down to the ground but could not be seen) - a very clean and refined style that came via a design team in Italy. Audi enthusiasts (particularly the North American variety) often looked for a more muscular look and would opt for a single tip replacement exhaust system that extended new tips beyond the oem bumper.

A sports exhaust upgrade is more often than not a straight-forward swap and in this case would require two half-moon cuts to create ports in the bumper. These collars put the finishing touch on the modification. Call LLTeK with your questions and get answers. Toll-free in North America - 1 888 465 5835 - 9 to 5 weekdays.

Part # Description Price Image
EXA64B-08K A6 4B 2.8 litre- 98> 01 only
Exhaust Trim Kit L&R
(Compatible with No Back-up Sensors)
$88 Adjustable Floating Trim Finishing Rings Option - Available in Dark Gray or Contrasting Silver for 2.7T 98>99 only.

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