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Body Kit Styling for the Audi A4 B7 Sedan by JE Design
page archived november 2023

In our efforts to provide quality, diversity and service - LLTeK presents these Styling options from German-Euro Designer/Manufacturer JE DESIGN. LLTeK is pleased to offer motorsports enthusiasts across America bold and innovative styling upgrades for the A4 8E B7 Audi Sedan and Avant. This page will provide two easy upgrades for your Audi B7 - sideskirts plus the option for a hatch spoiler if you're driving the avant.

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Avant - Rear Spoiler
Part# JE8E-26
Side Skirt Detail
Side Skirt Detail
Part# JEA48E-04

Side Skirt Detail Part# JEA48E-04
Side Skirt - Right - Part#JE0004
Side Skirts
Part# JEA48E-04

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Headlight Accents Extra for the Audi A4 B7 8E - Part# KAM8E-30

Styling Options for the Audi A4 8E B7 Sedan / Avant

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Part Number Part Description Price
JEA48E-04 (B6/B7) Side Skirt - Left + Right (urethane)  
JEA48E-26 (B6 Avant - Roof Spoiler  

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