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Euro-Styling S-YO Bulbs
Silver Appearance - Yellow Orange Signal

LLTEK S-YO bulbs - only orange when you signal
Silver Chrome S-YO Bulbs are the perfect way to compliment your e-code look

LLTek's special S-YO turn signal bulbs stand for Silver (outer coat) and YO stands for Yellow/Orange - the color seen when flashing a signal. There will be no orange showing in your headlight housing. When viewed face-on or from the side, the bulb is virtually invisible. Yet, when the bulb is in flash mode - the yellow/orange is in full regulation.

There are four (4) versions of the S-YO bulb:
a) Wedge Base with 1) Dual Filament or 2) Single Filament
b) Bayonet Base with 3) Dual Filament or 4) Single Filament

It is crucial that you haver determined the socket type (Wedge or Bayonet) on your car prior to ordering. It is equally important that you understand the difference in function between the Single and Dual Filament versions. Here is a quick guide:

Single Filament - Used predominantly throughout Europe - Flashes Only - Always recommended so that possible melting of capsule is avoided.*

Dual Filament - Used in North America - Flashes AND is a corner light.
* If parking light is used for a prolonged period of time (DRL / hazard mode) it is possible capsule may overheat.

All S-YO bulb sets are $33.00. Call now and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable LLTEK Rep

S-Yo Turn Signal Bulbs

Part Number Part Description SPEC
 CY-YO1156B-S  S-Yo Bulb 1156 Push
 Single Filament (Set of 2)
 CY-YO1157B-D  S-Yo Bulb 1157 Push
 Dual Filament (Set of 2)
 CY-YO3156W-S  S-Yo Bulb 3156 Wedge
 Single Filament (Set of 2)
 CY-YO3157W-D  S-Yo Bulb 3157 Wedge
 Dual Filament (Set of 2)
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