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Euro Body Kit Styling for Your Beetle

OEM New BeetleLLTeK presents body kit styling for the Volkswagen Beetle. Click on the menu at left and view body kit and performance tuning parts from Caractere ('99-'06) or JE DESIGN (Beetle 2011>). Both styling groups produce world class aftermarket parts in complete packages and offer choice down to an individual item - if that is what appeals to you. Choose from bumpers, spoilers, rear valence, wheels, exhaust and the most recent addition for 2013 - plug 'n play chip tuning from Germany - software programmed by German engineers.

JE DESIGN Body Kit Styling for 2011 Beetle
nav image je design beetle

Click Image to See JE DESIGN Styling for the VW Beetle

The "Final Edition" of Volkswagen's New Beetle came out of the Puebla, Mexico plant more than 3 years ago. As of 2010 production of the Beetle was transferred to Hai Phong, Viet Nam. Click on the image above and see what is available via LLTeK.

LLTeK has been importing Caractere and JE DESIGN since the mid-90s and we can recommend either of these kits. LLTeK will help with your questions. Business hour are Monday through Friday - 8:30AM to 5:00PM EST (GMT -5).