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As you are looking at LLTek”s “wheels for Volkswagen” page - we can assume you’re interested in equiping your car with a new set of wheels to provide a tougher, faster,  or cleaner look. The table below lists information that is key to your successful purchase. This is as far as the assumption goes and as far as looks go - there are a number of issues worth being informed about before you jump all over your credit card. The issues are technical and will determine not only suitability can also affect a vehicle’s safety. Mounting rims on your car based on appearance alone might be ok for display competition car shows (yes! buy the 22” wheels) but probably will have serious effects on the car’s handling not to mention placing undue loads on bushings and ball joints and your car’s suspension in general.

If your purchase here is for driving (and you do not have a personal mechanic) then the manufacturer’s original offset should be maintained. Most likely your wheels will have the offset stamped i.e. “ET42” and that will be your guide ( ET is an abbreviation from the German word “Einpresstiefe” literally translating as “insertion depth”. If your wheel is not stamped - standard methods can help make the calculation - however, this is something that can be checked by an expert.)
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Please Note: The Bolt Pattern for Volkswagen Wheels is usually 5/110 (or 5/130 for the VW Touareg) - however newer Volkswagen Passats are known to have 5/112.

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